Essential Oils

Essential Oils replaced most products in my home. And I'm not mad about it.

I’m so excited to share with you my love affair with essential oils. I say affair because, let me tell you, these amazing oils are part of my everyday everything. 

I was introduced to this oil journey

May 2014. At first, I just went with the flow and used the oils primarily for diffusing so that my house would smell so refreshing. One weekend I had time to piddle around with the oils so I made a bug spray, a roll on for pains, a roll on for cuts. 

So now I’m armed and not so dangerous with my small teeny collection of oil remedies. The next weekend I packed up my new BF (my diffuser) and grabbed my oils and bikini and headed to the lake to meet up with my for reals BFF.

When I get to the lake

I start unpacking my super cool oil collection and my BF is watching me with the ever so curious eyes as I fill the diffuser and start it up, unpack my bug spray, and lay out my oils. I proceed to start spraying everyone with my super cool and wonderful smelling bug spray and we head out to the deck. The entire time we are out there not one single bug came near us. How cool is that. And no chemicals…..even cooler.

So my love affair started right then and there. 

I couldn’t wait to make other oil recipes. And that’s exactly what I did. I now make my own face wash, face serum, face lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, body lotion, household cleaner, fabric softner, handsoap, bug spray, lotion for poison ivy, sleepy time lotion and many other remedies. My next recipes t make are a Sea Salt spray for my hair and sunscreen. I’m excited….. so excited.

Basically, since May 2014 I have not taken a single Ibuprofen or Advil, used OTC deodorant, toothpaste, face products, household cleaning products. And I’m not mad about it; nope, not one bit. I am so happy that I have been able to reduce the amount of chemicals that I put in/on my body and in the air. 

Did I mention I no longer use candles or other types of smell goods for the house…..just my diffuser. I also have not called in to work sick like many of my co-workers. When I feel something going on (like I might be getting sick) I go to my oils and BAM they do their magic.

My suggestion for you is to jump in with both feet and start your oil journey. I started with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. This Kit includes

a diffuser, 1 -5ml each of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, DiGize, R.C. PanAway, Purification, Thieves, Stress Away, and Copaiba; 2 samples of Ningxia and samples of Peppermint, Thieves,

Lemon, and Lavender. Kit price is $160.00/$170.00 when signing up as a wholesale member. Retail for these items are $265.00. Nice little savings definitely the best way to go. This gives you a variety of oils to start with that can help with allergies, concentration, insomnia, stomach issues, energy, cough, fever, colds, viruses, sore throat, congestion, soreness, stress, constipation, anxiety, swelling, warts, sun spots, wrinkles, headaches, cramps, burns, sciatic pain, joint pain, emotional pain, insect bites, sadness, flu, tooth aches, dry skin, stretch marks……….just to name a few. 

You’re probably getting excited about now. Give me a shout so that I can help you get signed up as a wholesale member.

We will also go over other oils you may want to add to your order to help with issues not listed above. Young Living has a fabulous seed to seal guarantee. These oils are not the oils you may find at the drug store. YL oils are Therapeutic grade essential oil. Simply meaning no synthetic additives added. Pure essential oil.

YL harvests all of their oils and they do this all over the world. Really a fascinating company. 

As a wholesale member you reap the benefits of paying wholesale not retail and qualify for free oils. When you sign up for ER you reap the above benefits and discounted shipping and 10% of order in reward points to use later. How amazing is this. Pretty darn amazing let me tell you. I have ordered several big orders with my points only paying shipping. See how this love affair keeps going……and getting better all the time. 

I could go on for hours if not days about these lovely little oils and all the people I have helped by introducing them to the oils but you probably want to get started on your own oil journey so that you can also share with your loved ones. Below is the link to sign up. I can walk you through sign up or we can meet up if you're in the Tulsa area. Let me know how I can help.

Sign up link:

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DIY Sunscreen Bars

DIY Sunscreen and it's chemical free.

Sunscreen Bars


1 cup unrefined coconut oil

1 cup shea butter

1 cup beeswax pellets

3 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil

2 tablespoons Zinc Oxide

20 drops YL carrot seed essential oil

10-20 drops of YL lemongrass or lavender essential oil


Combine top 4 ingredients in a double boiler. Bring water to boil. Stir constantly until melted.

Carefully and quickly stir in ZO and EO's. 

Pour into sillicon molds or muffin cups.

Allow to cool completely before popping out of mold.

Store at room temperature below 80 degrees or in fridge. 

Apply before sun exposure and apply often as you would with any sunscreen.


For easy clean up put all bowls, pans, spoons in fridge and let mixture harden to allow you to pop off. I wish I knew this when I made my first batch.

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DIY Deodorant

Soooo, Why????

It's easy peasy to make your own deodorant.

I had been going back and forth on this whole deodorant thing for a while. Is it good? Is it bad? Definitely knew it was a good thing when it came down to hygiene. But, why so many chemicals? I tried the deodorant crystal. Nope. Not a fan. I tried Tom's. Still not a fan. Sorry Tom. It just didn't do it for me.

I knew I had to make a change. I was totally finished with continuously adding synthetic chemicals to my body. So, I just went for it and stopped using store bought deodorant. I started using a mixture of baking soda and corn starch. Eeeh, better but boy was the transition a not so pleasant to the nose one. 

Then Came The Oils

I started playing around with my YL essential oils to come up with a blend that worked for me. This added a pleasing smell to the body. Still was a nice little transition while I was detoxing all of the synthetic chemicals. Once this process was finished I am able to use my deodorant cream (recipe below) and dust on the baking soda and corn starch mixture with confidence.

For Your Health

I highly recommend that everyone start making their own deodorant and STOP using synthetic chemical ridden deodorant. Your body will totally thank you!


Deodorant Cream

Plastic or glass container

3 0z of unrefined coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil

4-6 drops of YL Lemongrass essential oil  ------antibacterial

4-6 drops of YL Lavender essential oil ------ soothing

4 drops of YL Melaleuca essential oil ------antibacterial

Blend together .......I usually sit my coconut oil out a head of time to soften.

After shower apply small amount to dry under pit.

Then dust a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch to armpit

Can store at room temperature. Warmer storage will result in the cream liquifying. 


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