Self Love Confetti

Self Love Confetti is not a myth. It is not an exaggeration....nope, not all. Over at I'm hashing out all the dirt on my self love experience.

I've been hearing the words self love being thrown around like confetti lately.

What the hell is self love anyways?

What I've found is self love can mean many things.

Some may say self love is:
>> having a spa day
>> having a lunch date with a friend
>> shopping for a new outfit
>> spending the day doing absolutely nothing
>> getting a new hairstyle
>> buying something special

I'm throwing a little spin to this "self love" confetti.

This week I've been lost.
I've been resisting.......big time.
I've been having doubt.
I've been struggling y'all.

So what did I do?!?

Of course I sat my happy ass down at my computer and started searching.

What did I search for? Honestly, I was totally hitting the keys like a mad woman. I knew I was in a pickle and I needed to pull myself out of this mess and it needed to happen quickly.

You see I have a shit ton of things (some I can't go into right now) that I'm dealing with. "Things" that will change my life in so many ways that it's scaring me to death. Scaring me so much that I feel that every thing is closing in on me and fast. I'm feeling like it's hard to breath like I can't fill my lungs with enough air.

How do this relate to self love....bare with me, I'm getting there.

What I was searching for was an answer. But not just an answer like "do this and all things will be fine". No. I was searching for a change. A way to change my thoughts that would shift my concerns from worry to acceptance.

Primarily because this was not the first time I've been smothered by doubt that lead to fear and sleepless nights.

I knew I needed a system....not sure if this is the best word to describe what I was needing but it's the word I'll use for now.

The biggest problem with all of this is.......I give advice everyday to people who find theirselves in this very same place. But. I was not able to help myself. I tried, I tried real hard. I even tried to remove myself from the situation and look into my struggles as if I was giving advice to another and I was still unsuccessful in helping me finding a solution. I found myself pretty much having a full blown argument going back and fourth from "I got this figured out" to "are you kidding me that will never work".

What I did:

  • I downloaded mediation recordings.
  • I downloaded apps with motivation quote alarms (which are pretty cool).
  • I downloaded a motivation podcast.

I set up a quiet place to meditate. I woke up to motivational talks. I started to listen to the motivation podcast (which I didn't like, the narrator wasn't my style and I couldn't connect).

I still didn't have what I needed. But. I thought I would wake up for a week with the motivational talks. I would mediate every night for the next 7 days. I would grab my mat and start back to my yoga practice.

So two days in to this madness I had a hair appointment. A scheduled appointment not a self love moment (or maybe it was). My hair artist and I always have very deep conversations when I'm in her chair. This day was a really deep conversation day. The crazy thing is she began talking about this podcast she had been listening to. A podcast that lead her to go to a retreat. A retreat that she thought I would have really enjoyed.

She kept talking and I kept listening. She shared the name of the podcast with me and I quickly downloaded it so I could get started right away.

This is where the "self love" comes in.

I started listening to this new found podcast which starts out saying "Hello beautifuls" who wouldn't love that intro. Within 24 hours I had listened to over 9 hours of two gals speaking words I needed to hear. Words that gave me more space to breathe. 

I felt that I was giving myself so much "self love" listening to this podcast. I started giving myself grace to feel some fear and that it's ok to do so. I felt the chains that have been holding me back had been broken.

I'm not all the way to where I need to be but I'm getting there.

I need this "self love" for so many reasons and one of those is to release my creativity from the grips of chaos. I'm giving myself grace to pause and breathe and to listen to the silence because the silence always has so much to say if we only stop and listen.

Self love comes in many forms treat yourself however you feel you need to and savor every minute of it.

The podcast that helped me give myself "self love" is Bliss and GritDownload and enjoy.



You Have Control Over Your Stress

Is Stress in control of your life? It doesn't have to be. Head over to to get the scoop on how to manage your stress.

Wow, have things been super crazy up in here this last month.

So many things are going on right now. Is is stressful? Well, I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't.

It's All Out On The Table Now

There it is.....all out on the table. Big fat stress has arrived at my doorstep. And I know there are many of you who have that same guest banging on your door.

In Stress Management I talked a lot about the fact that stress will occur. No matter how well you prepare for something you will be dumped with some stress. Especially, if someone other than yourself is involved.

If People Would Just Get Their Shit Together

You have control over how you handle a situation. It's the rest of the damn world that needs to get their shit together. Right?

Once you come to terms that you have control over your thoughts about a situation you will realize it is these thoughts that give you your attitude about it.

So with that being said, others involved also have this same damn control. They choose their own thoughts which will lead to what attitude they bring to the table. You can't control any of that. So don't try.

Oh Crap! I know. There are people out there that don't know how to handle shit. For Reals.

This is when you.....yes you....the one that understands your thoughts lead to your actions towards a situation. If you're not here yet go to Stress Management and get caught up. Knowing how all this thought process works just know that others may not have come to this glorious realization yet.

So deal with your own shit and let the others do their thing with theirs.

The Craziness In My Life

Okay, so this craziness I'm barking about in my life.

For starters, I've been preparing a 1st Birthday celebration. Who's 1st Birthday? Well, my sweet friends The Onyx Feather's 1st Birthday. And I'm sending out invites. Look for yours.

I also just bought me a nice little present because my old dinosaur computer that would lock up every three or four words finally got the best of me and I absolutely could not put up with its lack of cooperation one more minute. So, I went and got a computer I've been wanting for a long time........ an iMac. Totes love it.

Work has been so busy, working late, working into lunch, and working into note time. Yikes. And just had performance evaluations. Double Yikes.

I've been increasing my post for the blog and for insta gram. Getting the Fall line for The Onyx Feather ready. And that's no easy task. Design. Redesign. Order inventory. Design some more. Get product ready for the photographer for Product Shoot. Get information together for the web person. Whew.

Seriously, All Of This Really Happened

All the while not only was I fighting with my lame sauce computer I was also chasing this crazy dog I'm trying to find a good home for. That little shit can dig faster than any machine and he runs even faster.

I've had a couple of close friends pass away in the last month.

I've celebrated a zillion September birthdays....including yours truly.

I've volunteered.

I had major dental work.

I've traveled to a concert to jam the night away.

I've traveled out of state to go hiking. Cause the grass is always greener on the other side. Duh!

Stress can be packaged all nice and cute. But don't let it fool you. Head over to to get the scoop on what to do when your stress levels go crazy.

How did I handle fighting a loser computer, chase a nascar dog, deal with lose of two friends, handle my workload, design an awesome Fall line, travel to get my jam on. travel to burn calories somewhere else, celebrate one birthday after another?????

This Is Exactly How I Did It

I thought positive thoughts about everything I was faced with. Sometimes....especially when the shit dog dug out three times in one day....finding positive thoughts were difficult. When this happened I would pause and do some deep breathing and a few yoga poses.

Then I would find the best solution to the problem and set out to resolve the problem. 

Things are pretty smooth sailing now. However, the disappearing dog issue has not be resolved but I have a plan. So soon, real soon this issue will be a thing of the past.

Deep Breathing 

When stuff starts piling up on you it's time to step back, pause, and do some deep breathing.

Let me remind you:

  1. Sit or Lie in a comfortable place.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Inhale through your nose for 7 counts.
  4. Exhale through your mouth for 4 counts.
  5. Repeat 5 - 10 times.
  6. Each breath release what's stressing you.

When you get your head cleared, you can look at the situation more positively.

Don't allow Stress to run your life and cause you to make decisions you'll regret or cause you to turn into a raging bitch. No. Don't let Stress win.

Face your stress and kiss it smack on the lips and then say goodbye.

Go to Stress Management for more tips.

xoxo Tisa

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