Leather Bands from the Onyx Feather for you and just about anybody who has a wrist and loves leather.

The Onyx Feather designs embrace nature and fill your soul. Here at The Onyx Feather we are focused on exploring natural choices for health and wellness. Join us in our journey to empower others and find natural ways to heal our body and soul.


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On the blog you'll meet other fierce babes sharing their struggles and inspirations.

You'll also be showered with all sorts of useful or useless information depending on the day.... or topic.

Shop talk is always about empowering others. 

So........Grab a cup of coffee and dive in.

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Hi Babes!!

I'm Tisa a coffee crazy earth child who loves to step in and help others.

No surprise that I choose natural healing stones to design with.

I would love to hear all about your journey and what inspires you. 

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Shop Designs

The Onyx Feather designs are handcrafted with you in mind.

My designs are inspired from the depths of my soul during the wee hours of the morning when the moon is high.

Each piece evolving slowing and gracefully.

Head over to the shop to see the newest designs.

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