Hi, I’m Tisa the owner and designer behind The Onyx Feather. I have been designing jewelry for the last 16 years. What started out as a personal collection of jewelry designed to suit my desires and the need to be just “a little” different from everyone else quickly became something different. As a designer my designs have evolved into a more personal statement style. I have found many people love this about my designs. They have shared with me “I feel a connection with the pieces I have gotten from The Onyx Feather.” 

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  You've Got What It Takes To Be Sassy

    Through my designs I hope to encourage and empower you to shine and to step outside your comfort zone that is holding you back. I want to share my story as well as stories from other sassy women so that each of you know and understand we all go through the struggles and we all have the potential to come out ahead of the game. We....you and I....are in control of changing up our game. You got this, babe.

You certainly got what it takes to be sassy, not to be confused with being bitchy. Okay?!?  Sassiness gives you a sense of being chic, confident, and energetic. Sassy women are respected for their assertive nature and quirky comebacks. 

Take Sassy back. You got it in your soul. The Onyx Feather loves sassy babes. Head over to www.theonyxfeather.com/shop to see all of our designs.

What does sassy look like? 

  • Confident (head held high with A-mazing posture)
  • Flirty
  • Well rested and well nourished
  • Polished (from lips to toes)
  • Stylish with attitude (purge your closet of baggie tops and jeans you've had for wayyyy too long.......you know exactly what I'm talking about)
  • Rockin accessories (like The Onyx Feather....wink. wink.)

This is a recipe that will surely light your fire and put a smirk on your beautiful face as well as give you that kick in the butt to start taking yourself serious.

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