Thanks for stopping by beautiful soul…..

Hi, I’m Tisa the owner and designer behind The Onyx Feather. I have been designing jewelry for 2 decades. What started out as a personal collection of jewelry designed to suit my own desires and the need to be just “a little” different from everyone else quickly became something more.

As the years have come and gone my creativity has evolved. I’ve learned to trust where I’m being led. I’ve learned to let go of the idea of what the design “should” look like. I’ve learned to follow my intuition… inner voice.

It all started when... need to fill space that I could not bear to face became so overwhelming I could hardly breathe.

Allowing myself to be guided by my creative energies fills my soul with peace and strength. With the stillness of my surrounding space and the sound of air entering and exiting my lungs my soul ignites with creativity. Creating frees my soul from the chaos of life and helps me to slow down and breathe, practice gratitude and grow.

My designs are created from the depth of my soul and express pure love for life and allowing life to flow freely. I have found many people love this about my designs. They have shared with me “I feel a connection with the pieces I have gotten from The Onyx Feather.” 

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She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.
— Atticus

Through my designs I desire to empower women and to encourage them to be brave and fierce. To fight for their dreams. Through my passion to create and learning to let go….. I am now a strong. brave. fierce. and resilient woman.

I am thrilled you are here with me.