Hi, I’m Tisa the owner and designer behind The Onyx Feather. I have been designing jewelry for 2 decades. What started out as a personal collection of jewelry designed to suit my desires and the need to be just “a little” different from everyone else quickly became something different. As a designer my designs have evolved into a more personal statement style. I have found many people love this about my designs. They have shared with me “I feel a connection with the pieces I have gotten from The Onyx Feather.” 

It all started when...

...my need to fill space that I could not bear to face became so overwhelming I could hardly breathe.

This time as I write my about page I'm finally able to write the truth. Not that any of my other About Me Pages and believe me I've rewritten this damn page so many times I can scream....and have, wasn't truthful. But this time, I'm being real with myself more than anything. I'm able to put truth in my words and willing to share them with you.

I have lived through so many struggles (not to toot my own hoot). I HAVE had struggles, that had struggles, that had struggles. Starting my life with abandonment and sleeping in a dresser drawer. For reals. 

So years later, when faced with an experience that the very existence of my soul was sucked out of me and most days I struggled to remember to breathe....I came to realize I needed to do something to help me survive or I was going to fall so low I may not make it back to the surface.

This is when I started to design things. I made painted signs, vintage cigar box purses, jewelry, cloth handbags and anything I could manage to get supplies to make.

I kept busy. VERY busy. I did not, could not have one single minute available to think about what I was trying to sort through and except.

That was almost 2 decades ago......

headshot 3.jpg
She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.
— Atticus

Today, I design because I LOVE to. I'm not running from something. I'm not pretending to be happy. I am HAPPY!

My creative style has evolved many, many times throughout the years. I have learned to allow myself the freedom to pause, breathe, and listen. When I'm in the studio I feel free and at peace. My designs today are created from the depth of my soul and express pure love for life and allowing life to flow freely.

The Onyx Feather represents the outcome of a troubled state of being I lived through. I am now a strong. brave. fierce. and resilient woman. I desire to empower women who face times in her life where she feels so overwhelmed to pause, breathe, and listen such as myself all those years ago.

I am thrilled you are here with me.