>>Feature of the week coming soon!<<

It’s been crazy here in the studio and through the craziness I’ve been listening to all your request “Give us more options to buy and see new items”.

Here ya go….every Monday I will feature an item, chat about it, show it off…all for you.

This will be first come first dibs kinda thing so don’t you go pondering about it, you might miss out. Have fun!


Let the Jewelry you wear come upon your body as memories of the people and places you love.




A cherished item turned into wearable jewelry keep those memories close to your soul.

Have a leather hand bag or belt handed down to you from your favorite person but it’s not your style or size? This is where I come in. I repurpose these items into wearable jewelry. Bracelets. Earrings. Pendants. Key Chains.

Taking a loved ones leather belt or handbag that have been tossed aside and forgotten and bringing life back to them as a sacred gift for you to cherish for years to come.

Begin your custom today, click here for more information and learn how you can turn your favorite memory into wearable jewelry.


The universe brings people together to form a connection, to share your stories, to support and encourage each other. I started a Facebook group where you can connect with other bad ass women, a place where you are part of a sisterhood who gets you.

A space where you can connect with your sisterhood to celebrated wins big and small.

Head here to join The Spirited Sisters Facebook Private Group.


our mission

Inspiring you to become the best version of yourself.