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Let the Jewelry you wear come upon your body as memories of the people and places you love.

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TOF Mission

You and I desire the same things. We desire to be a better human and to have our soul nourished and to pave the way for others (ie our daughters). You and I have been at rock bottom or damn near it and thought this is it, this is our future. But. Through determination, hope, and a fiery fierceness from the bottom of our soul you and I changed that course……


Tribe Favs

Our fans love how each piece makes them feel connected to their soul and to others. Many have purchased a bracelet for themselves, their daughter, mother or friend to remind them of the connection they have through their relationship with each other. This is the vision I have for TOF to bring hearts and souls together to celebrate.


our mission

Inspiring you to become the best version of yourself.