Feather and Angels.

First let me start off with IT'S WINTER. It's colder than a polar bears arse after sitting on ice. Did I mention it's cold?

Feathers messages sent from Angels, read more at www.theonyxfeather.com

My point is it's cold and I haven't seen a bird other than those crazy Canadian Geese flying around....when. I found two black feathers lying next to my car door when I left work yesterday. Then. It getting more interesting. I find this green feather while I was walking my four legged furry friend.

Obviously, I picked them up......NEVER do I ignore the messages my Angels leave for me. Brought them home and sat down to find what messages I was given.

Black feathers are message telling me I'm being protected, most likely by negative energy. The black feathers are also telling me that I'm undergoing an increased in wisdom or a spiritual growth.

Okay......I get you Angel. Thanks!

Now the green feather signifies abundance and money, a fertile opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love.

I like the sound of that Angel friend.

After processing this information my Angel(s) sent me I realized why I was being sent these messages.

First, I'm making a huge shift in my business resulting in preparing for a big fat inventory purge....meaning flash sales are on their way, SOON!

Second, this shift I'm talking about is pretty darn cool, exciting and darn right scary....but sooooooo exciting. I'm excited. and. You'll be excited.

Some peeps will think I'm nuts and skirting too close to the edge (hince my Angels letting me know they got my back and are protecting me against negative energies). But. When something feels this good and leaves me feeling all the feels and pretty darn calm.....I know it's gonna be the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

I haven't got all of the details ironed out but I'm working hard here behind the scenes to get it all in place. Meanwhile, watch for the FLASH SALES about to pop up.

Well......HELLO 2019

2019 could not have gotten here quick enough for me. Every day of the last few weeks of 2018 I was wishing the days would just wiz right by.

New Year. New Ideas. www.theonyxfeather.com

It seems I feel this way every year.

So I decided to sit my booty down with a full glass of red (California Roots Cabernet is my fav) and reflect on what 2018 gave me and also what it took away from me.

So I started with what it took away.

  • Sleep

  • Sanity

  • Hope

  • Belief

Let me define the above events.

Sleep - I just moved to KC and spent most of my time in moments of wondering where I was and how do I get from point A to point B. I swear I used google maps for the first 6 months to get EVERYWHERE. The “Around Me” app was my newest best friend. I also started a new job 2 days after I arrived and boy did I struggle with learning new systems…….STRUGGLE!!!! By the end of the day I was exhausted and ready top fall into bed to sleep.

Sanity - See above. I honestly felt like I was losing it more often than not most days.

Hope - I spent so many mornings stating I HOPE I make it through the day in one piece. DAILY, y’all. Some days weren’t very magical.

Belief - After the effects of the above 3 experiences I was beginning to lose all belief in myself. My belief that I had a grip on my life. My belief in humanity. My belief in the Universe and what it had in store for me.

I poured myself another healthy glass of red and began to reflect on all of the good and happy highlights of 2018.

Phew. The list was adding up pretty nicely. This is how it went…..

  • Family

  • Friendship

  • Success

  • Health

  • Future

Family - Well, that’s what brought me to KC in the first place. Nothing like the bond and love of family to get you to pack up, sell your house, resign from your job, and tell your Mom and BFF goodbye. Was it easy? NOPE! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

Friendship - I’ve met new friends here in KC in fact my first new friend was within the first week of living here and we are still friends. I’ve met new people who only lasted a short time as friends but that’s okay, you’ve got to meet people to know who will be that person you call friend.

Success - Oh, this word has some many meanings for me. First, I did eventually stop using google maps to find my way home, HUGE SUCCESS!! I did learn all the new systems at my job (thanks goodness). I started feeling hopeful again. I started believing in myself again. I had success with The Onyx Feather. I had success with friendships.

Health - I began and maintained (for the first time since college) a workout regimen and actually tone up and started to regain some strength I had lost with some previous injuries. I got the guts to have my varicose veins worked on and WOW what a difference it made in how my legs feel, no more heaviness, less swelling, no more pain when sitting or standing and my legs look better.

Future - My future is here in KC. My girls are here. I love the area. I have even found….well, don’t want to jinx it so I’ll keep that under wraps for a bit longer. : )

I could have easily held onto all the struggles of 2018 and made that my year. But., I didn’t. What I’m going to do it make it a habit at the close of each year to sit down and reflect on everything. The good. The bad. and The ugly. Reflecting on the bad and ugly is to help me make changes where changes can be made so there is more good for the new year.

Cheers to new beginnings. www.theonyxfeather.com

Cheers to a prosperous 2019.

Take a moment to reflect on 2018 and see what kind of year you actually had.


Be Present

High five Marie......exactly what I needed to hear. Can you resonate with this?

High five Marie......exactly what I needed to hear. Can you resonate with this?

Being more focused on my intentions. my why. these days.

I'm gonna be super honest.....ugly honest with you.

I've been floundering in the sea of ideas. dreams. hopes. and disappointments.

I've been judging... myself. my lack of growth. my lack of calmness is this sea of things whirling around me.

What was I missing?

Well. What I was missing was there in front of me all the time.

It took this last show I did here in KC so open my eyes. heart. and soul. To be able to see and feel that I was in fact grounded. I was not seeing or feeling it because I was too focused on my failures (at least in my mind I had failed myself), my shortcomings (why don't I have the following that others do), my "I NEED TO FIX IT "(again and again and again).

Why was this show different than any of the others I've done? What was the ONE thing that opened my eyes?

Things I did differently for this show boils down to this short list of changes:

  • Booth set up
  • Info cards with Gemstone Energy Healing Properties
  • Intentions to connect with people and not focus on sales

I've have visions of my booth being mostly white with small pops of brown, dusty rose and green accent colors. I have been striving for a soothing calm feel so when people walked into my booth they felt welcomed and experienced a sense of calmness. 

BOOM.......this happened. People were walking up to the booth and stating how they were drawn to it because it looked calming and beautiful. YAY!!!!!! I did it. Exactly the effect I wanted on people.

Next, they were drawn to the cards which I had frantically made the night before that listed gemstones with their energy healing properties. They were fascinated by which stones they were drawn to and excitedly pick one that resonated with them and their desires. SCORE. Don't know why I hadn't done this early. Better late than never.....right?

Lastly, I was able to connect with so many amazing ladies that weekend because of the focus I put on my why. The intentions I set for this show. The presence I had with each person.

Later as I was reflecting on the weekend I FINALLY realized I have done exactly what I had been desiring for my business since the day I sat down and designed my first bracelet. I traveled down the road of growth (the evolution of my designs), frustration (how to be discovered), success (which I was blind to due to looking too far into the future and not being present).....and only after taking a hot minute to stop and reflect did I realize I had made it. 

In the beginning of building The Onyx Feather I also had a personal blog Meet with Tisa where I offered up advice... some personal and some educational on how to overcome life's shit and rise up above it all to find yourself so you could start traveling through your life's journey with courage and intention. I struggled to separate the two, not sure how they could come together as one. Jewelry and for the lack of a better phrase Life Coach.

Then like a freakin sledge hammer to the side of my head (pretty sure it was my angel Grandma popping me on the side of the head) I saw it. I felt it. I smiled and shook my head Yeeeeees! And, yep before this show I found a black and grey feather lying in my path. I displayed the feather on one of the tables during the entire show.

Grey and black feathers bring the message: 

  • a message to find peace within yourself
  • the neutral aspect represents neutrality in your question - the answer is not black and white but grey, and hence neither yes or no but perhaps in the middle or a combination of both
  • wisdom & the attainment of mastery - a message that wisdom is within you
  • a nudge that you are on the right track
  • authenticity
  • flexibility

Through my presence and with sharing information regarding gemstone healing properties I was able to bring to two together. It was right there in the grey area all along. I was too focused on the black and white I didn't see it. It took me four years for this to come to light.

You may resonate with these same or similar struggles and needed to hear this story now more than ever. I send strength and courage your way. Look in the grey areas, what are they trying to tell you. 

African Turquoise Jasper is a stone that awakens the soul. It provides structure, balance, prosperity, eases mood swings and encourages acceptance. 

African Turquoise Jasper is a stone that awakens the soul. It provides structure, balance, prosperity, eases mood swings and encourages acceptance. 

Like a Lotus Flower we too can rise above the muck with strength, perseverance, fortune and promise. Each day is a chance for a new beginning but we must be present in the moment to have an affect on it.