Roadblocks Suck

Feel like you can't get past a certain place in your life? Maybe, you're not pushing yourself hard enough.


I don’t count my sit-ups: I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.

Muhammad Ali


I Hate RoadBlocks

Don't stop when things get tough. When you don't think you can..... possibly eat one more well balanced meal, drink one more glass of water, do one more squat, face one more obstacle, take responsibility, forgive, cetera et cetera. Do more and overcome your weakness (your roadblock); give it your all and you will be rewarded in so many ways. Do this for you, love yourself.

I've had and still have roadblocks. Totally hate this. 

What The Heck

A couple years ago I started gaining weight. I was like seriously, I eat well, don't drink pop, don't eat fried foods, don't eat tons of sweets, don't eat a lot of processed foods, I exercise and I'm very active. So what the heck.

Google Is My New BF

Boy, did I start researching everything I could about this. People were telling me IT'S YOUR HORMONES. So off to the doc I go to get my thyroid tested. Negative nothing there...what I mean is I have a perfectly functioning thyroid. The only advice my doc gave me was "well, you are getting older so you should workout a lot more and that should do it". Hmph!

So, I did more research. What I found was suggestions to decrease or eliminate 1)Dairy; 2) Sugar; 3) Grains that may be the root cause to weight gain.

What I Did...

Well..... since I ate yogurt every single morning and some afternoons....I started with Dairy. I stopped eating yogurt all together and cut back on my cheese. I was not very happy with this idea since I really love yogurt, but I sucked it up and stopped, I replaced my morning yogurt with oatmeal (another favorite, so I got over my sadness of not having yogurt pretty quickly).

Good news, I started losing weight and inches off my stomach.


Unfortunately this was short live; I plateaued and started packing the pounds on. I was really freaking out by this time. What the heck was going on. I eat good, exercise, get plenty of rest...yet I'm still gaining. I was afraid I was going to keep gaining and not stop especially since I didn't have a clue as to what was causing the gaining.

So, I increased exercise from a couple times a week to 4 times a week.....and still nothing but weight gain.

More Research

Back to the research, this time I started watching my sugars. BOY, sugar is in everything. Don't kid yourself when you think you're eating healthy. Start looking at the labels like a hawk. Today,(yes, today) start keeping track of the sugars for several days and see just how crazy fast it adds up.

But, still nothing. Nope. Not one single pound lost. Talk about getting discouraged. I was getting to the point where I thought heck if I'm going to gain weight then I'm going to eat me some more pizza (I love, love, love pizza). Luckly, I pulled myself together before I went down that path of destruction.

Yoga, Might Be One Of The Answers

Here I am floundering around trying to figure this stuff out and was introduce to a yoga instructor. Whom I absolutely LOVE and almost as much as I love pizza. She is amazeballs! Now this is real recent. I'm at session number 18. Whoa! I have never made it to the second session with anyone else. (I'll talk more about her later)

I Started To Pay Attention

Here's the kicker. I've started losing weight. This whole crazy time I've stuck with drinking lots of water (absolutely no pop), eating good balance meals with fresh veggies, no fried foods, rarely eat fastfood, as for the sweets I get those crazy cravings about every four weeks or so.... I still limit my dairy and sugar. Then I add yoga and I start losing.....I like to call it winning though. Yea me!!!

The yoga has made me feel good. My muscles feel good, my soul feels good, my mind is clearer and more open to ideas, I'm more relaxed and focused. Love, love, love how I feel.

But I Love Grains

Which leads me to grains. This is another area I'm planning to cut back (not eliminate) to see if I get positive response with my weight loss. I'll keep you posted. Tomorrow morning I'm making a delicious recipe for blueberry scones that are grain free. So you'll be the first to know how this guys turn out. If it turns out tasty and easy to make I'll share the recipe tomorrow.

Just A Few Of My Struggles

So, these are a few of my struggles. And, I hope you noticed I didn't cut dairy, sugar, or grains completely out of my diet I have decreased the amount I eat (hopefully I won't have to eliminate these from my diet, so we'll see). I don't give in or up easily. And neither should you. 

Hold on tight to what you want and keep heading in that direction. It'll take work and it is going to be Muhammad Ali said "start counting when it starts hurting". Keep on pushing through no matter what kind of obstacle is presented to you. Love yourself!! Do this for you.

No Pressure.....No Diamonds

xoxo Tisa