We're All Diamonds

A diamond is a piece of coal that did well under pressure. And they are sooooo sparkly.

Ok gals,  I want to remind each and every one of you that YOU are a diamond.  You ARE under pressure. No sugar coating things today. Making life changing decisions are going to take all the courage you can muster up to wake up each and every day....the sunny ones and yes, the cloudy dreary days....YOU can do this.....I know YOU can.

If you're not FEELING the pressure then you're not trying hard enough.

No one said it would be easy peasy......but hear me out! It will soooooo be worth every ounce of coal you had to press through to become a diamond.

I believe in YOU. You need to believe in YOU. Look back at your list. Those are things you desire. Those are things you can and want to accomplish, all you have to do is take that big first step and not give in to the pressure. The pressure will come in all forms. Don't give in. Face it and keep focused.

Now go get that list and start making some plans to work on one thing on your list. Make step by step planning from start to finish to what you want the outcome to be and how it will make you feel.

That's all for now.....my pretty shiny diamonds. There's so much more to come. Just for You.

xoxo Tisa