You're the Pilot

Hey all.....boy does time just get away from us. Ok. Me. For me time does fly by.

And I get behind......I have fabulous thoughts that if I could float them from my brain to my blog.....then. I. would. not. be. behind.

Adjust To Change

Guess what? I'm only human and can do so much. Just like you. So, I really need to stop beating myself up about it. And, so do you. Life gets in the way sometimes...ok, most of the time. We just have to adjust to the change. Refocus. It's that simple. 


Stop being all pissed off about it and make new plans. You are the pilot. You are in control. If you are finding yourself running in circles. Time to stop. Focus on what you can do right now. Then set a new deadline for the rest. Others don't know or care about your deadline or what is on your list of "I've got to get this shit done". 

Take Control

Be the Pilot in your life. Take control. Stop letting stuff control you. You make the list. You can also make changes to the list. It is your list of shit. So own it. Be the Pilot. Be the Boss.

Rise to each new day with a deep breath and own your shit. Be proud. Be brave. Be bold. Be adventurous. Be yourself. Just Be.

xoxo Tisa