Mind Management: Set Goals part 1

Serious Talk

Now it's time to get a tad serious. This is your interview after all. First, I want to give you some questions to ponder. So write them down. Give yourself some room...... maybe write one question on a page so you can write whatever comes to mind. And I mean WHATEVER comes to mind. No matter how large or small it is write it down.

Having trouble getting your goals off the ground. Follow these tips to get started.
  • Do you allow yourself to Dream?
  • Do you allow yourself to Want?
  • Do you allow yourself to Plan?
  • Do you allow yourself to make Mistakes?
  • Do you allow yourself Time?

Ponder.....Then Ponder Some More

Now that you're finished with all of this pondering, and please give yourself A LOT of time to do this. You do not have a time limit (unless of course you have a babysitter for a certain amount of time). That's OKAY. You can make another appointment with yourself. You can make as many appointments as it takes BUT you have to be real careful here or you will find yourself postponing what you want to accomplish. So be strict and greedy with this time with yourself.

Goals give your brain purpose!

List Time

Now that you have pondered about the above questions. It's time to get to making a list of 25 things you want/desire. ** Brooke Castillo Life Coach goes into great detail about this on her podcast. Please check her outyou will be forever grateful that you did. Find the link under the Coaching tab.** Your list should include some of what you already have. For example: house, job, husband/partner, children, health, sense of humor.......... Dream BIG!

Emotions Will Be Abundant 

While actively pursuing your goals you will experience failure, fear, avoidance, vulnerability, anxiety, resistance, doubt and boundaries. On the upside you will experience Happiness, Success, Acceptance, Accomplishment, Fulfillment, Joy, Pride, Excitement and Emotions.

Ponder on this and come back to blog for ideas on how to make an Action Plan. You will be able to navigate easily through the post to find all the info to get your Action Plan off the ground. Mind Management will be your go to category.

Breathe. Smile. Love yourself.


xoxo Tisa