Mind Management: Set Goals Part 2

Why You're Not Taking Action

Number one reason why you're not taking action is due to not taking action with PURPOSE. Feelings are controlling your thoughts. Feelings like fear, doubt, non belief in yourself, lack of courage, frustration, insecurities, lack of motivation.......et cetera.

Are negative thoughts causing fear to steal your goals. Follow my tips to get those goals off the ground.

Negative Thoughts Are Toxic

Ok, here is where the shit hits the fan. STOP having these negative thoughts. START Thinking with a purpose. STOP letting your feelings.....the ones your so comfortable with....get in the way.

I know what you're thinking, and I totally understand. It's so easy to listen to the fear...and the long list of other feelings that stop you dead in your tracks as you attempt to take action with your goals.

Remember. This. Is. A. Process. A process that every successful person experiences and works through.

Take Action Ladies

Actions create results. BAM!! Think about this for a little bit. Thoughts create feelings --> which drive actions --> which create results.

We have around 60,000 thoughts per day. Time to break the habits of what I call trash thoughts and bring positive thoughts to the table. No trash at your table Please! Clean it up! Or your goals will go south or sit lifeless.

Trash Thoughts 

These trash (negative) thoughts, possibly but more likely probably, derive from your past evenas far back as childhood. If you grew up hearing words like:

  • you can't do that
  • you'll never amount to anything
  • you're big, chubby, fat
  • you're not smart enough
  • you're dreams are too big
  • you're stupid/not smart enough
  • you're ugly
  • you're worthless

I can keep going but I won't, you get the idea. You're welcome.

Thanks Mom

I was fortunate to not hear these words when I was growing up. My mom encouraged me with everything I ever wanted to try. She always said encouraging words and just let me be. She gave me room to make mistakes and learn from them. Thanks Mom!! 

Breaks my heart when I hear some of the things that parents say/yell at their child/children in a public setting, I can only imagine what goes on in a private setting. No Bueno!!!

But, I Just Don't Know .....

Here's the thing, you must be able to understand yourself before you can change....your thoughts. You need to understand why you do what you do. For example: Overeating is an action. What are you feeling that is fueling you to overeat? If it's anxiety.....what are you thinking that is causing this anxiety?

This is where you start ladies. Find the reason for your thoughts. Except them. Understand that these are childhood/past thoughts and they no longer apply to you. Period. Say goodbye to these trash (negative) thoughts. 

These thoughts/feeling do not affect you now. They are part of your past. Let it go. The past is gone. Nothing you can do now about the past. Stop letting the past control your thoughts. Live in the now. You have the power to change your thoughts. So, as Nike says "Just do it"!   

You Are In Charge 

You are in charge of creating your feelings. You can change these feelings with your thoughts. Everything you feel is a choice. So, when you stop (goals)  or don't start something(goals) because of fear..... YOU are creating a feeling which is also creating your results. This is some serious stuff, Ladies.

Those Goals.....Remember Them?

Now look at your goals you listed from the Setting Goals part 1. Now write your goals again and see if they are different. Don't let past thoughts interfere with your goals. If you desire something it's yours to desire. No. Matter. What.

Every action is because of a feeling which comes from a thought.

Be fun. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be happy. Be yourself. Be amazing. Be joyful. Be loving.


Check this song out......What if we did build that rocket ship.......just sayin!

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