Mind Management: Time to Get Real

For Reals Time

Time to get real. It's time to think with a purpose Ladies!

Have you had those conversations with yourself? You know the ones. The ones that start out with.........My life has got to mean more than this. Why do I feel like I'm in a rut? Why do I feel like I'm not making accomplishments.....with anything? Why? Why? Why?


Could It Be........???

Could it be you are selling yourself short? Possibly!

Could it be you're not giving more that two seconds of thought about what you want? Probably!

Could it be you have zero, ziltz, nadda support....including your own? Sure can!

Could it be........well just about any excuse you can come up with as to why you "can't" do something?

Yes! It Could!!

YES. Most definitely it is one or all of the above!!!

Good news you can make this a for real thing and become a sassy boss girl that for now you have only been dreaming about.

Tired of your dreams falling to the wayside? Start making changes today to see your dreams become reality.

First step is you need to change your stinkin thinkin! Starting now.  And to get this ball rolling I suggest tolook at your calendar and make an appointment with yourself. Make this appointment for at least 4 hours minimal. Because girl you will need it. Do not stay at home. Leave. Go to a coffee shop or book store. Alone. This appointment is for two....you and the future boss girl.

The Supply List 

Boss girl supplies:

  • Cute. Cute. Fun outfit
  • Super cute fun notebook or journal
  • Pen or mechanical pencil, highlighters
  • Tabs or post it notes
  • Laptop or iPad
  • Cute. Cute. Cute bag to carry your supplies
  • Purpose

This Is Your Interview 

You're probably wondering why a "super cute outfit". When we go for an interview we get all dressed in our nicest career looking outfit we have. This interview with yourself is no different. You must take yourself seriously. I know you're probably wanting to throw on your favorite yogas and a comfy T........I feel ya girl, that's exactly how I like to roll. But not today. No way. It's not going down like that.

You Are Some Kind Of Hotness

So here's how it's going to look to the other coffee shop dwellers. You enter through the door dressed all sassy, carrying your cute bag of tools, order your cup of joe, tea or whatever your heart desires (this is about you and what you want) sit down and start pulling your tools out and get down to it. The peeps in the coffee shop are thinking..... "That girl must have something HOT she's working on and that 's pretty damn awesome. Good for you girl. I should be doing that."  This is so true, let me tell ya! Because. I've been one of those peeps.

  • Girl you have to walk the walk and talk the talk.
  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Love yourself.

Time To Shop

STOP reading this blog and go out and get your supplies (Target has some really cute things). Get a new outfit if you feel like you want one. Make your appointment with yourself.

Schedule Your Interview

Next post will be about setting goals. Read this one while at your interview, the interview that is in your new super cute and sassy day planner.  There will be assignments for you and some encouraging words.

  1. Change your stinkin thinkin
  2. Make an appointment with yourself....the Interview
  3. Go Shopping....Get Supplies
  4. Pick a Location for your Interview

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