Yes, it's true...I Love Yoga!

Yoga poses that help smooth your legs and say goodbye to cellulite.

The Curse Of Cellulite

Cellulite is probably the craziest and most frustrating topic that most if not nearly ALL of us bitches deal with. I found an article that really helps to simplify what cellulite is and a few simple techniques (which happen to be yoga poses) to perform to help with this thing called CELLULITE.

Just A Few Tweaks Here And There

Of course we all know that we must increase our H2O if we are going to get any toxins flushed from our hot bods. So drink up ladies (water that, a little wine maybe later) and get your body flushed. Your skin will glow and you'll feel pretty damn good. 

Also by adding a little cardio in your daily routine you'll help to remove toxins, increase stamina, increase metabolism, and decrease stress. I enjoy walking so I hike every chance that I get free time and weather permitting.  I also enjoy biking outdoors, I totally despise riding a stationary bike....... sooooo boring. I park as far away as I can. I take stairs instead of the elevator. I get over 10,000 steps per day. Phew! I know. I'm crazy that way.

Yoga is such an amazing form of exercise. I honestly can say that now because last year I hated Yoga. I knew it was great for my body, but I still hated it. Now. I LOVE Yoga. I feel so damn good after I spend some time on the mat. My flexibility improves. My digestion improves. My mood improves. Bonus!!!!

The poses below you may need to modify, just go into the pose best that your body will let you (remember to relax and breathe) and you will find that over time you will be increasing your flexibility and will go further.

Article found in Prevention magazine

No More Cellulite                             

Love your legs with yoga poses that will leave them smooth and strong

November 3, 2011

Besides whipping your leg muscles into sexy shape, yoga can also help smooth out spongy thighs. "Cellulite is a symptom of reduced lymph circulation," says Atma JoAnn Levitt, RN, head of the integrative weight loss program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. 

If you struggle to remember biology class, lymph is the bodily fluid that carries white blood cells to the lymph nodes to fight germs.

"Yoga [helps] lymph to flow more freely through fatty areas, flushing toxins and reducing cellulite," Levitt says. Inversions—or upside-down positions—like these two are especially good for moving lymph along. Learn these poses from a teacher before attempting them on your own, then practice them once every other day for best results.

Half Shoulder Stand

1. Lie on your back with your arms resting alongside your torso.

2. Bend your knees and curl them up toward your forehead.

3. Place your hands under your hips for support, keeping your elbows on the floor. Hold for 8 to 10 deep breaths.

4. Slowly release your knees and roll your back gently down to the floor.

Plow Pose

1. Begin in half shoulder stand (above).

2. Straighten your legs, extending them back overhead and resting your toes on the floor.

3. Straighten your arms, reaching them out on the floor, palms facing down. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths.

4. Bend your knees back to your forehead and roll your back gently down to the floor.



xoxo Tisa