Drink Water.....Lots of Water

Water The Slayer Of All Things Toxic

Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. This is how many glasses (8oz) of this most powerful beverage you should drink. Your size determines the number of glasses you should drink per day. I've heard 1/2 of your weight in ounces is what you should drink.

Water is so powerful for our bodies and plays a crucial role in disease prevention.  Here's a list of what water does......... as long as we are drinking plenty of it. And please don't wait until you're sitting in your PCP's office getting the news of blah, blah, blah is wrong with you. Be. Preventive.

Water is as important as Air. Duh! Drinking it and loving to drink it when you know all of the benefits.

Water Does All Of  This For You

  • Carries nutrients to our cells
  • Aids in digestion
  • Flushes waste from our bodies
  • Keeps our kidneys healthy
  • Keeps our organs ....skin, eyes, mouth and nose moist and functioning well
  • Lubricates our joints
  • Regulates our body temperature
  • Regulates our metabolic
  • Natural appetite suppressor
  • Helps the body metabolize fat
  • Aids in decreasing water retention

All It Takes Is Water

Keep in mind without enough water in our systems to carry out wastes and toxins we become sick. Just slight dehydration can wear down our systems....which will decrease our quality of life. All of this goodness from simply drinking the correct amount of water for your body. Pretty simply. Right?

We must keep our kidneys happy. To do that these little guys require lots of water. And by keeping the kidneys happy we are allowing the other organs to do their jobs. For instance, if the kidneys are not doing their job properly because we did not drink enough water then the liver has to step in. Then what happens when the liver is off picking up slack because of the kidneys are  laying low due to not having enough water to operate fully? One thing it's not doing is metabolizing stored fat. Resulting in more stored fat. Hence, weight gain.

There Is A Moral To This Story 

Moral of this story is DRINK a sufficient amount of water and let your body do its job. You won't get anywhere by refusing to put gas in your car or better yet by putting....let's say milk in your car. Get the picture. 

Your body will thank you by giving you nice glowing skin, less stiff joints, less sickness, frequent bowel movements, non dry eyes or mouth,  and fat loss = weight loss.

Now, WHO doesn't want any of this.......????

Drink UP!!

Drink up! Get yourself a cute water bottle and keep it with you at all times. I keep mine with me forever and always. I drink without even thinking about it.....but let me tell you I sure do know when I haven't been so compliant. My skin will  feel all dry and look dull. I get terribly constipated. I'll be grumpy and sluggish. And I'll feel bloated. Yucko! Hate when I fall off the wagon. Good thing this wagon is easy to get back on. So Drink up!! 

Water is THE nourishing element. Respect. Appreciate. Indulge.

xoxo Tisa