I'm on Fire

Oh Wow!!

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy sitting down with my iPad and spilling out my thoughts. The very thoughts I can't wait to share with YOU jump and spin in my head until I can get home and start typing.

Why I do what I do? Why I love it?

There's time (like most days) where I grab the iPad and pour a glass of wine and fire away before I realize dang girl, you need to eat. Oopsie forgot to grab a bite to eat before I got all carried away with my thought unload.

My heart flutters knowing that you sassy ladies are taking time for yourself to read my blog. I am inspired by each and everyone of you to keep on writing. I write from my heart. I write from my experiences. I write because I don't have to. I write because you want to know what's in my head.

Knowing that you are taking the first step to make a positive change in your life. Knowing that I'm assisting you on this journey swells my heart with pride for each and every one of you.

Dig Deep Sassy Ladies 

You gotta dig deep within yourself to bring your Badass Sassy self to the forefront.  It's in there ladies, you just got to believe. Then you gotta walk the walk and talk the talk.

Please follow along with Mind Management where you'll learn how to make the changes you need that will catapult you towards a life transformation. You'll be aware of what you're thinking. You'll have awareness, acceptance, and wisdom. You'll be able to choose to see the greatness of the day. You'll be able to love yourself. Unconditionally.

Dreams Do Come True

This my friends is exactly what I dream about for each of you. To stand tall and proud with amazing kick ass confidence.

Love to love yourself.

Love you sassy bitches! I want to hug you to pieces!

xoxo Tisa