Dream Jobs Are Not A Myth

Stuck in your progress with your dream job. Head to www.meetwithtisa.com to see what I did to get unstuck.

Do you find yourself working hard but not getting the results you want?

Do you have the most amazing idea of a dream job?

Do you want to give up on your idea of a dream job?

Working Hard But Not Moving Forward

The above statements are so true for so many of you. And for me. You get all excited about a great idea you have. You work really hard to get it started. You work even harder to keep up with it. You lose sleep working really hard on your great idea.

Now that great idea doesn't seem so great anymore. You have worked your ass off and don't have much to show for it. You have lost sleep. You have sacrificed time with your family and friends. You are so damn frustrated about the whole thing.

You know what you're doing is awesome. You know that if you could get past this point you could reach the next.

Step Back And Chill

What you need to do before you make another decision about your great idea......is to step back and chill for a minute.

This is exactly what I did when I hit these same walls. I stopped took a look at where I have gotten. What has worked. What hasn't worked. What was I missing?

Your business sitting and getting stale. Head over to www.meetwithtisa.com and get the scoop on how to jumpstart you business and get things going.

What I figured out during this little pow wow I had with myself was.....I needed some organization. I needed some outside assistance. I needed someone I could bounce my crazy ass thoughts off of. Someone that would totally be honest.....not like when you ask your mom or your BFF and they say, "Oh, that sounds wonderful, great idea." Someone who doesn't really give two shits about your feelings. But they do care about your success and want to help prevent you from making mistakes or spending too much of your valuable time spinning your wheels.

Find Your Tribe

I kept hearing "Have you found your Tribe?" What the hell does that mean? Tribe? It means a whole hell of a lot my friends.

I found this business friendship (my Tribe) with Think Creative Collective. The team of two amazing kick ass boss babes was just what I needed.

Pro Bono advice to you is to head over to www.thinkcreativecollective.com and join their tribe. You will not be disappointed. I have gotten my thoughts and time the most organized they have been in a long time. I have taken leaps instead of baby steps in my side biz from the advice they have given me. Their worksheets, checklists and webinars are rock solid and full of helpful content to grow your side biz.

Check them out. You'll be ever so grateful......You're welcome.

Be bossy. Keep following your dreams. Your dreams don't need to be in the far future. With the right tools and your excitement you can start reaping the benefits of your great idea.

A Huge Ass Thanks

I'm working on some of my best work and planning the launch in a few days. I believe I wouldn't have been ready for this if I had not started working with Think Creative Collective to clean up my brand to make it more appealing to my followers. I have learned so much in the last few months about how to grow my business.

A huge ass Thanks to those two boss babes.....Emylee and Abagail at Think Creative Collective.

xoxo, Tisa

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