Stop Snacking

Stress hits and you start snacking. Hop on over to to find out how snacking messes with your diurnal rhythm.

I'm So Guilty

I've been so guilty of this. Snacking on popcorn or nuts.....then BAM the entire bag is empty. Oh crap. I ate the whole thing. I know nuts are good for you. In serving sizes only not the entire bag.

It's so easy to get involved in what you're doing that you don't even realize you ate EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. 

Snacking is causing your liver to not function its best. Head on over to to find out how to improve your eating habits.


When you are constantly snacking you are not letting your liver relax from processing hormones. Which will mess up the diurnal rhythm of leptin production.

What? Wait a minute. What is Leptin? And the diurnal rhythm?

Diurnal Rhythms and Leptin

The diurnal rhythm is patterns of activity or behavior that follow day-night cycles, such as breakfast-lunch-dinner schedules.

Leptin is a protein produced by fatty tissue and believed to regulate fat storage in the body. Leptin is a hormone. Also known as the starvation hormone. Robert H. Lustig, MD, professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco states, "Leptin is the way your fat cells tell your brain that your energy thermostat is right." "Leptin tells your brain that you have enough energy stored in your fat cells to engage in normal, relatively expensive metabolic processes," he says. 

So with this being said, when the production of leptin is disturbed it will not function as it should. Which can lead to weight gain.

No More Eating Out Of The Bag

Getting to the point....STOP snacking. Eat several small meals a day instead.  Don't eat out of the bag of ANYTHING. That's what those cute little snack bags are for. Dispense a serving in the bag and head out the door, leaving the big bag at home. 

Learn why you need to start eating several small meals a day. Head over to to get the scoop.

It's Easier Than You Think

You probably want to ask, "how can I have several small meals a day?" You can it's easier than you think.

When you think about the usual 3 meals per day, take that and divvy it up. I like to do five 300ish calorie meals. I try to shoot for eating about every three hours or so. And not have anything in between giving my liver time to rest. Having my last meal around 6 or 7 at night.

Don't freak out. A protein bar and a handful of grapes or a shake which you can add fruit or veggies to can be 300 calories. Doesn't take long to eat or drink that. So STOP whining. YOU just have to be better at planning your meals. Once you start it will be easy. Promise. 

Plan. Plan. Plan

First start with taking a look at what you're eating and see how you can change it up to fall into several meals a day. And how you can make better choices of what you're eating. Less process foods the better. In fact try to eliminate as many processed foods from your diet as you can.

Planning 5 small meals a day can help you keep extra weight off. Head over to to find out how you will benefit from making this change in your diet.

You have to be dedicated to this change and give it time to become a new habit. Your liver will be grateful and so will your waistline. 

As always drink half your body weight in water. Laugh often. Be sassy.

xoxo, Tisa

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