Introverts Rock

Being an introvert...well, is pretty damn awesome. Check out what is being said about introverts at

All these years I just thought I was quiet and shy.

That I didn't need a lot of attention.

That quietness was a blessing.

Stop the Train.


I'm an introvert!

For real?

Oh. Okay. Well. That makes sense.

Hi, my name is Tisa, I am an Intovert.

I have never felt alone in my quiet alone time. In fact, I thrive on it.

What do you think about that? Is this you?

Probably, if you're even half way thinking about this being you.

People have a difficult time understanding our way of life.

They feel sorry for us. They think we are lonely. They think we need to be more like them.

For us, being alone is like freedom. Time to rejoice in our own space. Time to just be us.

I've had relationships in the past who just didn't understand why would I want to spend Friday night alone at home. Their interpretation was, "You must be seeing someone else." Yeah, right. Can't you just understand that I want to be alone? Is it that difficult?

Really, I'm okay. I just need alone time. Head over to and join the introverts.

Truth be told, It really is that difficult for people who are not introverts to understand how we think and what we desire.

So, when you happen to find in your amazing life an introvert who will love you and understand you and your ways. Jump for joy my friend. You have finally found true happiness. You will be understood and never doubted.

Find peace my introvert friend. It's out there. Don't give up.

xoxo, Tisa

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