Dump The Time Suckers

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If you follow me on Instagram then you know a few weeks ago I got all giddy about my new computer purchase.

And yes, I'm now one of those super cool nerdy Mac users.

I'm been wanting one for a while. But I'm kinda of a tightwad when it comes to replacing something that is working.

 I Was Livid

I was livid when DVD's took over the world and I could no longer rent or purchase VHS movies. Man, my machine still worked and what would I do with the ones I currently owned.....which were not many, I'm not one to sit still long enough to watch a movie once let alone more than once. 

But still. It wooooorked!

I felt the same about my computer. Sure it would totally go into hibernate when I was typing a blog post and it ran a little slow and when I say slow I mean it would freeze up when I was typing and it would take its sweet ole time to unfreeze. But it still wooooorked. Kinda? 

Please Don't Make Me Growl

When it took me over 1 hour to type up a 10 minute blog post. I finally snapped. Really snapped. Hell hath no fury like a women spending 50 more minutes on something she was just gonna spend 10 minutes on. Grrrrrr.

So, I threw on my shoes and headed to the Apple store. In and out in 10 minutes......the same time it should have taken me to write the blog post..... I think my new Apple was kinda laughing at me for wasting so much time on a loser computer. Not funny Apple.

Got that puppy set up in less time than it took me to detangle all the damn cords from my PC. Ugh and Hallelujah!

Time To Celebrate........

And that's exactly what I did.

I now have more time to sit a chill head over to www.meetwithtisa.com to find out how I did it.

Who Doesn't Love A Moral Of The Story?

Moral of this story is....Dump what is robbing you of your time.

Just making this one change I was able to open up so much time. So much in fact, I finally sat down with a bowl of popcorn mixed with M & M's to do a little Netflix binging. Ahhhh! I may actually get Dexter finished and that bottle of red.

I had no idea how much my life would change just by getting a new computer. How much time I spent waiting on its sorry ass to type my words.  I have been able to not only watch a little TV but I have also resumed my yoga practice and have been more consistent with exercising. And I'm getting to bed earlier. Win,Win!

Best of all I no longer YELL at my computer. I think my neighbors like this part the most. Sorry guys.

What's Sucking Up Your Time?

When you find yourself always rushing, always not getting all your shit done, always frustrated take some time....I know you say you don't have any, but do it anyway......to list what may be sucking up your time.

You will be surprised to find it may be an easy fix. Like mine was. 

When/Where do you feel the most rushed?

When/Where do you feel the most frustrated?

If you need a new computer....go get one.

If you need a housekeeper....go get one

If you need an assistant....go get one.

Stop letting things that consume your time without giving you much in return have control of your outcomes. I am able to be more productive and enjoy chillin out time because of the small change I made. It's possible your time sucker is a simple fix.

It Can Be That Simple

Simple! Right? Yes sirree! Don't have any doubts that your issue can be a simple fix. Good chances it really is that simple. I was a huge dork for not fixing my computer problem sooner. Once I took that step and stopped waiting for the best time for a new computer, my life got so much easier. It can really be that simple. I wasted precious time struggling with a computer that wasn't serving me well.

Ohhhh Let Me Count The Ways

I now have 10-20 hours a week freed up from not having to deal with that dumbass computer. Easy fix and I have been rewarded in so many ways. Not only does it take me less time to write up a blog post I have benefited with:

  • Decrease stress
  • Decrease chaos
  • Increase sleep
  • Increase clarity
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase chillin out time

What's not to love about all that?

Find your time sucker and send it packing. Get back to doing what you love to do.

xoxo, Tisa

ps....check out Mind Management and Stress Management for more tips.

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