Exercise Isn't Alway Easy For Everybody

Not everyone finds it easy to exercise. Head over to www.meetwithtisa.com to get tips on how to start excising when your body has limitations.

Hey all, boy has it been a busy week so far. Been designing my rear off with new little beauties over at The Onyx Feather. You will fall in LOVE.

Even with all the designing and planning going on I've found time to resume my yoga practice and strength training. Watch out Jillian Michaels. Just Kidding! But maybe??

Not Everyone Can Get Up To Exercise

Which brings me to issues some of my clients have been having lately. I have clients of all ages, shapes, sizes, and mobility levels. I find it touches my heart when I am asked by these lovely people for help with their exercise difficulties.

Sure I see a lot of people who come in and all they need is a little strengthening here and there. And that's great. But a lot of times the need is greater.

Moving Their Body Causes Pain

But the bigger concern is those who struggle with the fact that just moving causes pain or is nearly impossible. Breaks my heart. Moving is something most of us take for granted. With never having had a moment that being mobile was an issue we just don't think about it.

I'm not talking just my clients over the age of 70.

I'm not even talking about my clients over the age of 50.

I'm not even talking about my clients over the age of 30.

Sometimes You Wake Up In A Different Body

People's lives change in an instant. One day everything is peachy keen. Then it's all gone in a flash. This can happen to anyone at any age. For some it takes years to get to their point of difficulty. Others the blink of an eye.

Wherever they fall they are faced with challenges they never planned for. 

I'm Here To Help

So my promise to you this week is to find exercises that are at the level of mobility you are currently working with.

With that being said. I don't wish to offend any of you amazing beautiful people. The exercises I may find may not be in your age group. So don't put any thought into what age group is in the videos. It's all about your level of mobility and helping you get to the next level.

You're in my heart and I want you to succeed. I want the best for you. I want you to be free to go and enjoy your life. I want to see smiles on your beautiful faces. My heart swells with love for each and every one of YOU!

Start Here

First Video up is titled Stronger Seniors Chair Aerobics. I know you may not be a senior so get over it, that's not the point. This 4.41 minute video is to get you started on increasing your heart rate and get your blood flowing. Probably a little sweat too. All you need is a chair, preferably a firm dinning room chair. 

Remember to have good posture by sitting up straight while you are exercising. Keep a tall glass of water by your chair. Have a towel handy so when you start to glisten you can wipe your brow.

Click below to get started.

I suggest you start with this video. Do it daily for one week before you get started on the next video. 

All videos will be under the Body Management category so you can find them easier.

I hope you enjoy this first video. Who knows maybe one day I'll do my own video. Honestly don't know if I could be serious enough to complete the whole video. I would probably make weird faces and get to laughing. Maybe though, I'm not going to say no just yet.

Love you guys! Keep at it! Stay strong!

xoxo, Tisa

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