Time To Release Some Endorphins

Exercise can be very challenging for some. Head over to www.meetwithtisa.com to find out an easy way to get started.

Hey babes have you had fun doing your seated cardio? If feels so good to get those endorphins moving. 

Did you know that endorphins are considered a natural pain reliever? They are also called the feel-good endorphins.  

Several post ago I mentioned that exercise is a great way to help you manage stress. It's those endorphins working for you baby. But you have to be active to release them. 

So get your leg warmers and head bands on and get ready to shake some endorphins up.

Time to ramp it up a little with this 10 minute seated cardio video. 

You'll love it. This guy is high energy and is pretty entertaining. He'll keep you moving.

  • You'll need a chair.
  • Don't forget your towel so when you start glistening you can wipe your brow.
  • Remember to have your tall glass of water nearby, you'll definitely need it. 
  • You may want to crank up the fan for this one!

Click below to get started

Hope you guys are enjoying the videos and breaking a sweat!

If you missed the first video you can catch up in Body Management.

Stay focused. Be strong. Love yourself.

xoxo, Tisa

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