Simple Changes For Your Health

Everyone's always asking me.....How come you never get sick? What do you use on your skin? Well ladies and some amazing info for ya'll. I know....STOP...with all this amazingness. But really. It is quit amazing.

Time to start taking your health seriously. Start today. Head over to to get the low down on what you can do to start making changes in your health.

For the last 15-20 years years I have really focused on my health. How can I improve it? How can I improve it with a natural approach?

I've tried a shit ton of remedies and concoctions. No jokes! Try asking your 8 year old to drink Apple Cider Vinegar, honey and lemon mixed in warm water when she doesn't feel well. No way did that happen back in the beginning of my "Get Healthier Quest".......

Making changes in your health is easier than you think. Head over to to get the scoop.

After years of presenting one after another natural remedies to my daughter she now comes up with her own. If was her idea for me to hook up on the oil train.

If you don't know what that is or haven't climbed aboard yet.... I not only have the ticket for you to get on I also have some incredible information to share. I can't keep it a secret anymore. And I can care less if anyone thinks I'm a bit crazy. Those that know me know I am totally into natural healing and that I always want to share what has worked for me.

I Share......But Are They Listening?

I share all the time even when I know it will fall on deaf ears. They humor me and say thanks I may try that. Riiiight! Sometimes they do and most time they do not.

Are you listening to your body? You should be. Head over to to get tips on giving toxins the boot.

Funny though how it usually ends up with them coming back to me when they don't get better to get that information again that can help with . blah di blah blah........ I'm cool about it and give them the information again. Alls I want is them to get to feeling better and be healthy.

It's Really Not That Complicated

Back to the can go to the Essential Oil category and find my story of how I got started and how you can too.

Therapeutic Essential Oils have been used....well like forever for healing and support of the body as a whole.. They are not new to us. They are not full of toxic chemicals. They work with you bodies faster and with no side effects.  It's really not that complicated. They are the bomb diggidy. For reals.

Want to make changes in your health and life? Head over to to find out how.

No More OTC Meds

I have not used any over the counter meds since I have started 100% using my oils for all health concerns. Notice.....I said therapeutic essential oils. These oils are pure and not laden with chemicals or diluted. Most essential oils you find in the store ARE NOT 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Those oils are generally aromatherapy oils and have other ingredients included. With that said......Theyresults I've gotten have been with 100% therapeutic oils from Young Living and that's what I feel safe with.

Before I started using these oils I did purchase the other oils. In fact, I still had some of the other oils. So I compared the lavenders oils. Whoa! Huge difference with smell and consistency. A little goes a long way with the oils I use....... due to their purity. Bonus.

No More Candles, Scentsy or Plug ins

No more candles being burned in my house. Sorry candle makers. I also gave the plug ins and my scentsy the boot. I use the oils in the diffuser (that came in my starter kit) and ahhh the fragrance and the health benefits I get are priceless. Not mention no more soot from the wicks or chance of fires. Yikes.

No More Toothpaste or Deodorant

WHAT??? Wait a minute I do use toothpaste....don't have a heart attack Dr. Harper.... and deodorant. Okay. Just not OTC products. In fact, this may sound a little crazy but the toothpaste I use also doubles as my deodorant. Crazy. Right? I thought so too. Took me a while to try it for deodorant but when I did I was surprised how well it works. I haven't used OTC deodorant in almost 2 years.

Why I decided to stop using OTC deodorant is due to multiple breast cancer scares. Remember I have been working on getting healthier for a while. Some things didn't even cross my mind as NOT healthy. Deodorant was one. I kept hearing doctors telling their breast cancer patients to STOP using OTC deodorant and start using natural products instead. I was like...What? Why? So I did some research and freaked out a little about the ingredients in OTC deodorant. It took years trying so many natural deodorants to finally find one that works. So basically I just saved you lots of frustration. Buy Thieves toothpaste and yes it has some essential oils in it.

No More OTC Beauty Products

Wow. Did this save me some dollars and a lot of them. Score! NO more OTC.......sunscreen, face wash, face serum, face moisturizer, acne treatment, body lotion, perfume....... No kidding. I did a total product dump right in the trash and switched to oils only.  You can find the recipes I use in the Essential Oil category or below. Check them out and get started on decreasing the toxins you are putting on your skin.

Time To Make Oils Part Of Your Life

Crazy. Right? I had no idea how much these oils would change my life. I'll keep you posted on how to use oils in your life and my favorite oils and how I use them. I know you want to improve your health. I know you want to improve the environment for you and your family. I know you are ready to make these changes. You will not be disappointed making oils part of your daily regimen.

Of course the oils are only one part of my lifestyle change but I would definitely say its a huge part. I also have reduced almost all processed foods. I exercises. I meditate. I DO NOT drink pop. I try my damnedest to get 8 hours of sleep. I laugh often. .......and I don't tolerate a lot of BS in my life.

If you have questions or want to find out more about the oils shoot me an email. I would love to talk to you about them. If you want to get on this oil train with me you will find the link to sign up as a wholesale member in the Essential Oil category or below.

Check out some of my favorite recipes. Also, keep an eye on my Library....... coming soon, body specific exercises. Remember to set your intentions for the day and laugh every chance you get.

Be amazing. Be healthy.

xoxo Tisa

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