Staying Postive When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you just want to punch everyone in the face? You're probably feeling overwhelmed. Head over to to get the scoop on how to resolve this overwhelming feeling.

You are faced with making choices all the damn time. Constantly. Always. Never stops.

It's overwhelming. I know. There are days that I just want to be left alone and not asked one more damn question. Silence. That's all I ask for.....and a glass of Reisling.

A glass of Reisling is not the whole enchilada here when I need to unwind and stop the constant roar of life.

Yes, There Is An Oil For That

I mentioned in an earlier post how I use essential oils for.....well just about everything these days. When I get home I head over to my oil stash and pick an oil that is relaxing and will lift my spirits. I like to diffuse and when I say diffuse I'm talking about a little machine I add water and a few drops of the oils and I then BOOM it disperses a fine mist of the of the essential oils in the air. I use Lavender, Patchouli, Stress Away or Peace and Calming a lot to help me unwind.

Wine And Diffuser......Take Me Away

So far, Reisling and diffuser. Keeping up with me. Don't want to lose ya.

After I pour the wine and set up the diffuser I turn on Pandora. Usually I listen to some jazz, my favorite is Joss Stone. Or I might crank up a little Hozier, Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran. Something nice and relaxing.

Now I got the Resling, diffuser and some jazz going on. Next up is shedding the bra, putting on yogas, a big comfy shirt, and my house slippers. OH man, now this is life.

Off Comes The Bra

Ok.....Reisling, diffuser, music, no bra, and yogas. Time to sit for a moment and do some deep breathing. Inhale through the nose for the count of 7 and exhale through mouth for the count of 4. I do this about 5 - 7 times.

Feeling overwhelmed? Head on over to and get the scoop on how to get a handle of what is overwhelming you.

By this time I'm feeling so much better. Starting to loosen up at the neck and shoulders. My mind is slowing down. I am able to think more clearer and put things into perspective and importance.

Piddle or Yoga?

At this point, I either piddle around the house.....which I love to do. I may do a little reassignment of home decor. Or I may be able to sit down and work on my side hustle. I try to either do a quick session of yoga or at the least a few poses...... Like, a nice combo of mountain, hands to heart, forward fold, halfway lift, down dog, up dog, and childs pose. I take about 5 to 10 minutes to do this before I sit in front of the computer or my creative table.

If I can't get relaxed after giving all of the above a try I run a hot bath and soak with 2 cups of espom salt with 5-6 drops of Lavender essential oil, 1 cup of baking soda, 1 glass of Reisling, and 1 good book. And let it go......

Go Shopping Girl

Now, you're telling yourself. I need to go shopping and get all of this same stuff plus a yoga mat. You're right. You do. It's not only beneficial but extremely important to have a plan for when you're feeling overwhelmed because you will most definitely be overwhelmed from time to time. It's all about what's in your toolbox. Keep that bitch full of tools.

No Need To Get Hostile

Don't let it build up! Take action the moment you start feeling things get out of control. When you feel you could or you are crying just because you feel the need. You're snapping at others. You're tense and find yourself frowning and scowling. Someone tells you a joke and all you want to do is punch them square in the face....then girl it's time to push the pause button.

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what exactly is overwhelming you. What is the trigger? Is it one thing or many things?

It Can Be Real Simple

When I feel overwhelmed I think about where am I or what I am doing when I feel the most overwhelmed. A lot of times it's something real simple to take care of. Then when it's taken care of some of the other stuff isn't really all that bad/stressful/overwhelming.

Soooo many things to do. No more please. Head over to and get the scoop on how to get a handle on what is overwhelming you.

For me......the OCD chick that I am having an unorganized or not clean house really works me up. So, I take the time to get that straightened out even if I have a shit ton of other stuff that needs to be done. Most times....... if not all of the time...... this is the fire starter of me feeling overwhelmed. Once I have the house back in order I feel the release of some or hopefully all of the tension/stress/overwhelmness.

Super Stressed

Here's a good example...... I was having some super stressed days at work for about 2-3 months....and this is way too long to deal with something that is causing you to be overwhelmed. This was strictly a work related feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed. Because, girls mi casa was in order and clean. So, what in the HELL was causing me to be overwhelmed?

It took me a few months but I finally pinpointed my stressful be the location of my desk. It was located at a very high traffic area, across from the copier, and in the proximity of peeps with very loud voices. Shish!  Inside voice please!

Location. Location. Location.

So I moved my location across the office to an empty desk calling my name. It's more quiet and about 1/8th of the traffic. SCORE!!!

The wonderful new location of my desk carried over to less stress at home, with my side biz, and with my family and friends. Total BONUS!!!

Put On Your Detective Hat?

Most times what is overwhelming you can be a quick fix. Which calls for you to put on your detective hat and figure out where it's coming from. Then make a plan and fix it.

Don't let being overwhelmed control your life and ruin your day. Take a step back and take a good look at where it may coming from. Is it something you have control of and can change? Yes..... Then make a plan and take action. OR......... If you have zero, zilch, nada control of the situation....... let it go, you can't change it or fix it so...... JUST. Let. It. Go.

Get Control Of Your Thoughts

I've talked about in Mind Management how your mindset or your thoughts about a situation is what gives you your feelings about it. Those feelings cause you to respond or act in a certain way. Head over to Mind Management to get caught up and learn how you have control over your thoughts and how you can change your mindset.

I'm sending you all good vibes and hugs.......lots of hugs. You got this. After getting caught up on Mind Management and you still need more..... shoot me an email with what's on your mind. Would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

xoxo, Tisa

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