Your Moisturizing Soap Is Drying Out Your Skin

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For years I have been so confused. I know that's nothing new. But when it comes to finding and using skin or hair care products that are suppose to help you achieve softer smoother skin or no more fly aways.'s one of the most difficult task to accomplish.

Lies. Nothing But Lies

I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on lotions and potions and ginormous bottles of shampoo and conditioners that promised me these things. To only find they were LIES. All LIES.

I don't care much for liars!

It actually kinda pisses me off!

Don't Have Room For That In My Life

I spent a crap load of money. Stored a shit ton of product that didn't deliver. And still had fly away hair and dry skin.

So moving forward. I have been able to solve some of these mysteries. I am quit the detective. A slow detective but baby I can detect......... eventually.

All It Takes Is Research.....Baby

I've learned a lot with all my late night research. 

I've learned there is more to it than a quick fix of lathering on lotions and soaking the locks with conditioner.

With that said. Your skin and hair not only gets nourishment that you can add such as lotions, creams, conditioners or even serums. You MUST nourish your body by putting good whole foods and lots of water in it. Boom! Problem solved!

Clear As Mud

Well....not yet. How much water? Do I reeeeeeeally need to start shopping at those stinky stores (that's what my daughter called the health food stores when she was a wee little girl)?

Water is easy 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Boom!

Whole foods, organic foods, no processed foods, no artificial ingredients foods.......yes to all of that. It's not that difficult really! 

Stop going down the:

  • Soda aisle
  • Chip aisle
  • Cookie/Cracker aisle
  • Boxed dinner aisle
  • Juice aisle
  • um yes....I said juice aisle.........too many added sugars

So that eliminates half of the store. And half of the time you'll be spending your precious time there. Win. Win.

Focus on the fresh veggies and fruit. Fresh organic meats. Short shelf life = less or no preservatives.

Okay. That's whats going inside the body. 

Inside Is Figured Out. How About The Outside?

Now for what to do for outside the body.

I have stopped using my usual smell good soaps and have started using African Black Soap. I absolutely love it. It is anti-blemish, detoxifying, and healing. I started using it for when I had a terrible case of Poison Ivy and loved it so much I made it my soap of choice. Gentle enough for the face too.

For lotions and potions. I have started making my own with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, rosehip oil, and essential oils. You can find these recipes in the Essential Oil and/or Body Management section. I make body lotions, face lotions and face serum. 

As For Hair

Ok.......Hair. Have no idea yet! I think I have it figured out then the season changes and BOOM back to Mufasa hair. And I'm no LION. More research time under my belt. I'll let you know my findings.

Is Your Product Toxic?

If you're in doubt about if the product your lathering all over your body is good for your skin and health check out the Think Dirty app. This app can tell you how toxic the product is. And just because you purchased something at the Health Food store doesn't necessarily mean it's not toxic. Check that shit out! Be the Boss!!!

Educate yourself. Know what's going into your system. It will change your life. PROMISE!!

Well I feel better after that rant. How about you?

Probably not though. You're trying to figure how fast you can get rid of all the toxic junk in your house and get started on a good detox program. I hear ya. And you will detox when you stop using the toxic products. I did. It waaaaaas Crazy!!!

Peace out Peeps! I've got some designing to do.......ya know with the holidays heading this way and all.

Be Strong. Be Sassy.

xoxo Tisa

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