Holiday Loneliness

As I sit here all snuggled up in my chair with a nice hot cup of coffee I'm thinking about how the holidays affect people in various ways.

The holidays are not always "The best time of the year...." Head over to and learn how you can make a difference for someone this holiday season.

It's Not Always The Same For Everyone

Holidays are thought of as a time of cheer and laughter.

A time to spend with your loved ones.

But for some it is a time to be lonely.

What? Whoa, now wait a minute.

Yes, lonely.


While some are wrapping up this year with fun filled festivities. Others are not.

There are many people who are alone. Who do not have someone in their lives either from abandonment or death. 

I have heard some very heart wrenching stories this season.

Many of my clients are older and their beloved soul mate has passed leaving them all alone and some are very angry about this.

Some of my clients are middle age and do not speak to their families for one reason or another.

While other clients families live far away and are unable to spend the holidays with them.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Not everyone is super excited about the holiday season. They do not have a gift list to tackle. They do not have parties to attend. They are not planning on cooking a big meal. They are not excited at all. They just want this time to pass and pass quickly.

My goal here is to not be a "Debbie Downer", but to bring awareness that there are people all around you who may need some cheer. Oh, they will say they don't need any cheer and they are used to spending the holidays alone. But, in reality this is not true.

I challenge you this year to reach out to your neighbor, coworker, or a stranger and bring cheer to their holiday. Giving to others is the best gift you'll ever give yourself. 

I've Lived With A Holiday Cheer Advocate and I'm Not Mad About It

My mom is the biggest advocate when it comes to bringing cheer to others. She has done something every year for someone for as long as I can remember. She bakes trays and trays of goodies and takes to her neighbors, to friends who are alone during the holidays, she even shares with people she hardly knows. She just needs to hear that they are spending the holiday alone and she's armed with a tray of goodies to take to them.

She has taken plates of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner to neighbors she knew who were not cooking a holiday meal. She never said no to me or my brothers when we told her one of our friends would be spending the holiday alone and would it be alright if they came over. Not only was it alright she also had a gift for them under the tree. Now that's cheer!!

Open your eyes and your hearts and give to someone who is alone this holiday. A simple goodie tray like my mom gives or a gift bag filled with fruit, nuts and chocolates. Surprise them by shoveling snow from their sidewalk or taking their trash to the curb. Bring their newspaper to them. Invite them over for dinner. It may seem like a small token of friendship but to them it means the world......even if they are grumpy about it.

Loneliness happens to people during the holidays. Head over to to find out how you can help someone this holiday season.

Happy Holidays! May all your wishes come true!

xoxo, Tisa