Use Your Energy Pathways For Better Health

In a past post I talked about the Law of Vibration. It states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it's purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency. 

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So it makes sense to say that our bodies are made up of energy. Our bodies can be healed with our very own energy. In fact our bodies heal itself all of the time. Energy as healing is nothing new it's the oldest medicine on Earth. 

Your Thinking Is Making You Sick

Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and the over all condition of our health situation. When the body's life-force energy becomes blocked, various imbalances will result.

Energy flows throughout our bodies by pathways called Meridians that carry energy into, through, and out of your body each with a beginning and end, and each flowing in a specific direction.


How cool it that?

Like a river that rises and falls, the flow of the meridians is ever changing.  Your meridians are your body's energy bloodstream. Pretty amazing, huh?

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Yin and Yang

Each 12 of your meridians are actually a segment of a single energy pathway that runs throughout your body. Yin (negative) and Yang (positive). One for each organ, with 2 channels..... one the front and back midline of the body.

Meridians flow one to another throughout the body, creating uninterrupted vertical flows of energy.

Each segment is named for the primary organ or system that it services. When there is a blockage of energy flow there is dis-ease....disease.

So many things can cause this blockage of energy flow. The biggest one is unhealthy thoughts and attitudes. When there are negative thoughts being suppressed or active these thoughts are stored in the cells of your your organs

  • Anger - affects the Liver

  • Joy - affects the Heart

  • Sadness - affects the Lungs and Heart

  • Worry - affects the Lungs and Spleen

  • Pensiveness - affects the Spleen

  • Fear - affects the Kidneys

  • Shock - affects the Heart

Other elements that cause a interruption in your energy flow is environmental toxins that are in our air, food, cosmetics, and clothes/material.

Once your body has a toxic dump site of your negative emotions or environmental toxins....which settle into one of your organs, the energy flow is compromised. This results in organs unable to perform properly due to the interference in energy flow.

Balance Your Meridians

When the energy flow is compromised these energies need to be balanced. To balance your meridians is to get them running smoothly and efficiently. This is something you can have performed by an energy healer or you can learn to balance your meridians yourself. 

It looks a little complicated but don't be too's really quit simple. Trust me! : )

I recommend for you to read Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality. This book is loaded from cover to cover with amazing information that will Blow Your Mind. She will step you through balancing your meridians in chapter 4. 

If you want a quick learn about meridians I have found some YouTube channels that explain how to balance the meridians pretty clearly. However, I feel the videos made sense to me because I had already read Donna Eden's book.  You do not want to miss out on what this book can teach you. You will be amazed at what all you can do to help yourself feel better. Mind Blowing info.

The techniques she uses are:

  • Trace the meridians

  • Stretching and twisting the alarm points

  • Flushing the meridian

  • Massaging the meridian's neurolymphatic reflex points

  • Holding the meridian's acupressure points

You Are In Charge

I find it so amazing that you and I are capable of learning and performing techniques to enhance our health. You are capable of learning from your own body what it needs you to do. You ONLY need to be open and willing to participate in our own health regimen.

You can be in charge of your own health. You can do something to improve your health. You can change your diseased health to a less or no diseased health.

I've heard......"I don't have time to do that." WHAT!!! No time to take care of your body?? The very body you take for granted....the one you think will ALWAYS perform for you no matter what you do to it. The very body that can put an end to all that you know. REALLY?!?!?

A Big Waste Of Time

How much time is wasted from taking time off of work, waiting in doctor's office, going to the pharmacy, returning for followup visits, postponing social events, going for specialized treatments......I can go on and on....but I won't. You get the picture.

Having NO time to prevent or take care of imbalances will lead to lost time at work. Forbes magazine had an article in September 2012 stating: "U.S. workforce illness cost $576 billion annually from sick days. With 30% of the$576 billion is lost productivity."

Holy Cow!! That's a lot of cashola.

Be The BOSS Of Your Health

I encourage you to get more involved in your health. Listen to your body. Take time to prevent dis-ease. STOP letting illness control your life. You control your health and your life's outcomes.

If you are currently under doctors care you can do energy healing to enhance the care your doctor is providing for your illness. I am by no means suggesting you to not seek medical care. The information I share is to bring awareness to you about alternatives treatments to disease.

Are you just now getting caught up in my excitement on learning how you can be the BOSS of your health and make changes by performing your own health improving techniques. Go to Body and Health Management to get caught up on topics about Essential Oils, Magnesium Deficiency, Energies and Vibrations, pH levels, and many more great topics.

Be the BOSS of your HEALTH. Take CHARGE.

xoxo, Tisa

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