Are You An Empath?

Empath? What does that even mean? I had no idea at the time when I was told I had the qualities of an empath. I was going out on a limb and guessing being an empath was a good thing. 

......Phew, I was right it is a good thing. Actually, it's a pretty awesome quality to have. 

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After spending several hours a couple of months ago visiting with a Reiki Master and learning that I have the qualities of an empath..... I of course wanted to understand more about this "empath" thing.

1) It intrigued me. 2) Um, okay.....what does that mean?

Can You Answer A Few Questions, Please?

Basically, he asked me several questions to which I answered...yes...yes...yes...yes...yes...yes....and yes!

The questions he asked me were:

  1. Are you a good listener?
  2. Do you find that people even complete strangers will open up and tell you just about anything and everything about their life?
  3. Do you avoid conflict?
  4. Do crowds drain you?
  5. Do you cry when reading sad books or watching sad movies?
  6. Do others consider you shy or introverted?

Whoa, Dude!

I was like whoa, dude. This is a little weird. Then he said to me "you are an empath."

What. Is. That?

It's a gift. Is what he said.  It is a gift to have a deep insight into other people's emotion.

Weird. It made sense. But what can I do with this "gift"? Should I be excited or should I ignore this gifted ability? 

Feeling Lighter?

I'm sure you have someone you can easily talk to about anything and afterwards you feel lighter like a burden has been lifted and things that troubled you before seem less troubling. That person you talk to is more than likely an empath. They have a gift and you are fortunate to have them in your life.

So.....all of this got me thinking. My mind was blown when I started to piece things together. For instance I recalled I've had people say to me......"I don't know why I'm telling you all of this...",  "Thanks for listening I feel so much better", and "You have a way of making things seem alright". But I also have recalled I have had many people tell me I have healing what's that about? More about this healing hands thing later totally another topic to explore.

So........Are You?

How about you? Are you an empath? Did you go through the questions answering with a whole lot of yes's? If you did......well, you are probs an empath too.

For as long as I can remember I was happiest when left alone in my own space. Growing up I pretty much camped out in my bedroom with my nose in a book. I bet a lot of you peeps can relate to this. The serenity of alone time for me is priceless. I get anxious when I don't get enough alone time. Alone time refuels me and cleanses my spirit.  Sound familiar?

Being an empath is NOT weird. It is a pretty awesome gift to have. A gift that can leave you exhausted at times picking up on other people's emotions.  It is crucial to have your alone time to balance your energy. Pick a place that is free of clutter and is relaxing, outside is a preferred place but inside will do the trick too. I've always wondered how is it I can just sit outside taking in my surroundings for hours and not get bored. Now I understand and know how important it is for me to take this time.

Embrace Your Gift

Do some research about being an empath and what that means for you. Follow your intuition and embrace your gift. 

Having the ability to help others is an awesome gift to have. Use your gift don't ignore that's even an option...... Helping comes natural to you and usually you are in the process of helping before you realize you have started down that path.  Helping others is so rewarding and can be life changing for those you help.

Now go find your quiet place and embrace your gift.........or if you don't think you're an empath........meditate. : )

Be Amazing. Be Empowering. Be Inspiring.

xoxo, Tisa