Who Manages Who?

Is Your Brain Managing You?


You're wanting to listen to your heart and take those super scary difficult steps towards where it's leading you....or trying to lead you. But for some reason you keep getting held back or veered off course. Your heart keeps talking but girl you got cotton in your ears. You aren't listening to a damn thing it's telling you. Let alone taking any action towards where it's leading you.


For starters you're not telling your brain how you want to think about the things your heart is telling you or what the universe is sending to you. You're letting your brain run this whole entire show. Your brain is the writer, producer, and actor.....hell it's probs the audience too.

What are you doing that is keeping you from accomplishing amazing things?

Battles With Your Bossy Brain

How are you going to battle this bossy ole brain of yours?

For starters you are going to start to think differently....... About things. About situations. About you.

You need to understand your own behavior. Why do you let your brain talk you out of doing something? And some of those things are the greatest opportunities ever. I know. I have been in your same place. I have passed opportunities up. I have talked myself out of doing something I really wanted to do. I have been really pissed at myself for not doing these things.

I'm Pissed Too!

Stop getting pissed at yourself it's not any fun. Believe me I know. I have wasted many moments, days, weeks, and months being pissed at myself. This is the time you take control over your thought and stop letting your brain manage you. Get control of your thinking. Take risk and watch your personal growth explode.

Sounds Easy Enough.....Right?

But, how do I do that? I can't seem to get past me discouraging me from doing something.

You have to change how you react when a circumstance or opportunity is presented to you. If you are having negative thoughts you are allowing your brain/thoughts to navigate you. You need to be aware of what you are thinking and how you're thinking about it.

For instance:

When you are asked to take on a project/goal, what are your first thoughts about it?

Are your thoughts:

  • No way I can do that
  • I'm not qualified
  • Why are they asking me?
  • I won't do a good job
  • They won't like how I do things
  • How in the world will I do it?

Ok, girls with these 6 thoughts you are not going to achieve 1 damn thing you want to. You have the power to turn this around by looking at this project/goal in a more positive way. You have the power to think positively. You are in charge of everything in your life, for reals!

Try these thoughts instead:

  • This is a great opportunity
  • I can show off my skills
  • I can make this the best damn project ever
  • I got this
  • This is going to be fun

Throw Away Your Security Blanket

When you approach any project/goal with positive thinking about yourself, you will have fun doing the task. You will get the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge by doing things that are forcing you to step out of your comfort zone.. You will be more prepared for your next project/goal. And girl you'll be building your confidence and self-esteem.

Staying in your little place of comfort will not propel you forward. You'll keep getting what you have been getting. IF that's enough for you...well, okay then. If it's not, then girl you need to start hustlin. And girl, by project/goal I do mean anything.......career, relationship, get healthy, starting an exercise regimen, starting a side biz.........anything. Take a look at your list of goals you made.....and if you haven't set your goals NOW is the time to do it.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Earlier I mentioned you have control over your own thoughts. Which in turn means you have no, zero, zilch, nada control over what other people think only they do. So don't worry about how others may think about you or how you do something. Do the best you can and have a blast doing it. Your confidence will lead people to be interested in what you have to offer or what you're doing.

Practice saying positive things about yourself and about others. If you have an abundance of negative thoughts about yourself then how is someone else suppose to support you positively.

Don't Be That Friend

You've had that one friend that nothing and I mean nothing ever goes right for her. She complains non stop because her life is in the crapper. She doesn't understand how her life can be sooooooo bad. She goes on and on and on like this constantly. Yet, she doesn't do one damn thing to change her circumstance. All your friend has to do is start thinking more positively and focus on her qualities not her so called "failures". Cause I know you're tired of hearing about it. Don't be that friend!

Slimy Ole Brain

Tell yourself..... I will make changes. I will get better results because I'm willing to think differently. I will not allow my brain to railroad anymore opportunities for me. I will be in charge of my life. If it's not you in charge. Then who? Some slimy ole brain parked between your ears. No way! It's gotta be you girl.

When the brain starts to take over with Mr. Negativity you need to stand up and change those thoughts. You will need to repeat the positive thoughts over and over until they speak louder than the negative thoughts your brain is sending. Also write that shit down, every single thought and take a good look at how many are negative and how many are positive. Where do you need to make changes? Are you going to make changes? It will take you standing firm with your positive thoughts to get the results you desire.

Remember facts (you doing the project/goal) are never a problem until you start applying your thoughts to them. The project/goal is neutral just a circumstance/opportunity.  Your thoughts about the project/goal is what is going to give you your feelings about it.

Take a neutral circumstance/opportunity and give it positive thoughts to give you good feelings about it. This will lead your actions to be more supportive to your project giving you great results.

Gnaw on this for a while ladies. You can do this. You have the power within to take charge.


xoxo Tisa

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