We Be Trippin

Sometimes you just need to check out. And that's exactly what I did....well me and my super cool rock-star daughter....you can find her at emyleesays.com. BTW, she gets her awesomeness from moi. Anyhow, I packed a few bags....okay to be honest it was more like several bags. I even packed my microwave. Yes, my microwave.  No judging ya'll. Hey, if my daughter was bringing a coffee pot..........a pecolator none the less.....then I was throwing in the microwave.

We be trippin all the way to Santa Fe. Lucky for us we didn't trip when we were hiking along the cliffs at Bandelier Monument.

No Rules

We had big plans and those two kitchen items were going to be needed. No rules for these traveling bitches. Our journey lead us to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I know right. Santa Fe is absolutely beautiful. Duh! I could not get enough of the lavender. It was everywhere. No jokes. Along the side of the roads. In front of nearly every single house and business. I won't bore you with every detail. but I will highlight the best for ya.

Santa Fe Indian Market

We happened to plan our trip the same weekend the Santa Fe Indian Market was going on. Cool, Right? Welllll, what we thought was going to be so amazing ended up being a tad overwhelming. especially to two chicks that love jewelry, pottery, rugs, and art. Whoa!! 

First day we did a walk through and just about went into a full blown anxiety attack. We wanted it all. Then we saw the prices. OMG!!!  Time to get a drink and think about how to spend our $$$ We may be the most amazing two bitches you'll ever know but our wallets are not lined in gold. Too bad cuz we found a $3,200 rug we drooled over for an hour before the owners started to question our motives. So, we left. Empty handed. So sad. Even had a spot picked out for the little lovely.

Wowzer, this is some amazing beauty. The view the Peublo people had from their homes are breath taking. Read more at the blog about this location. meetwithtisa.com

Santa Fe School of Cooking

Needless to say, we had to move on to what was in our budget. So, we moved right on to The Santa Fe School of Cooking where we learned the art of cooking with peppers....all kinds of peppers. We learned how to make the best damn tortilla soup ever. Then a big ole dish of Green Chile Mac n' Cheese. To finish off the amazing lunch with Coconut Flan with Salted Carmel. OMG! Delicious!! Now to get all of these dishes to taste that amazing when I make them.

Bandelier Monument

Can you imagine carving your home from the side of a huge rock? I sure can't. Proves that anything is possible with determination.

We also went on an amazing hike at New Mexico National Forest to the Bandelier Monument.. Beautiful. We found ourselves hiking along the edge of cliffs. Yikes.  We also got to see several cavets, where the Ancestral pueblo people lived. Amazing.

So breathtaking and serene. We were lucky enough to hike the majority of the trail just the two of us. Quiet. Breezy.

However, we both had extremely sore shins later that night. The next morning we were both getting around like two little old ladies. He He He........  I not even going to mention what time we went to bed or what time we got up.....every single night/morning of the trip. Keep in mind the two little old ladies theme and you'll figure it out.

No Rug For You

We finally did some shopping. Got some bling. Got us some amazing art too by local artist Georgia O'Keefe, 1887-1986. No rugs or pottery for these chicks this trip. Sniff. Sniff.

Ten Thousand Waves

Our last night in Santa Fe we treated ourselves to some spa time. We ventured up into the mountains to Ten Thousand Waves Spa and got a little pampered. FOUR hours of pampering. Ahhhhh

Trippin for Memories

Even with no rugs or pottery stuffed in the car for the trip home we had a fabulous time. Love trippin (traveling) with my daughter.  We have been going on trips for several years now. We opted for traveling over gift exchange at holidays. Best decision ever. Making lasting memories. Also a shout out to El Rey Inn......the most beautiful place to stay when you travel to Santa Fe.

Take time to go on trips. Start you trippin memories today.

Quality time with my girl. Time to unwind and clear our minds which if you know us are going ninety to nothing 24/7. Can't ask for a better time than this.

Be amazing. Breathe. Love yourself. Clear your mental fog.

xoxo Tisa

..........oh almost forgot. We did use both of our kitchen items we hauled from home. We are total coffee freaks and like lots of coffee and we like it hot. Therefore we must pack the pecolator. And we're cheap. So we brought some quinoa for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast, hence the need for the microwave....the one thing our room didn't supply us with.  However, being the coffee nerds that we are we totally missed out on some amazing breakfasts that the Inn provided. We were all up in our room chugging our coffees and heating up our oatmeal in total unawareness of what we were missing out on at the INN. DORKS!

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