Feeling Defeated?

As I sit here typing as fast as my chubby little fingers will let me I am thinking so many things. Like. At once. Whoa Nelly. I have so much on my mind that if I don't get it out of there I will not be able to remember my name.

Boy, Do I Have Plans

I have so many wonderful plans to help you achieve your goals. This can be a problem. Where do I start? What do you need from me first? ARGH!

So, I think I'll refill my wine glass and return to you. PAUSE


So, I was a tad worried about being gone and out of pocket when I went trippin with my girl. What I realized on my return home with the help from my two little rescue babes was that the absence of me only sparked the excitement upon my return.

Things Happen When You Percolate

Group HUG ya'll. I'm back and ready to load you up with some amazing shit.  Not only did we take a percolator with us on our trip (see previous post for that story). I did some percolatoring (not sure that is a real word but who gives a poo) myself. I want to help you ladies so bad that all I think about is.....will this help...what about this....OMGee, I know this is what they need.

While I was on my trip I was able to open up to myself and know without a doubt who needed me the most. Ding! What? Who? Well...... bitches just like me, who have gone through the same kind of shit I have. Hold on ladies cause you are about to let out a deep breath and say "where the hell has you been girl, I needed you way back......when all of this shit started to pile up."

No way your pile of shit is/was bigger than mine. Read more about how to conquer your pile on the blog at meetwithtisa.com

To be honest when your shit was piling up I was starting to surface from my own pile of shit. Phew! I thank the Universe. I thank the all mighty coffee bean. I thank the Lavender fields of New Mexico. And I thank you for being here for guidance in your journey to free yourself from your pile of shit.

When It's Okay To Reference Shit

This shit reference can be anything that is holding you back. I'll be glad to list a few below:

  1. Divorce
  2. Dead-end Job
  3. Debt
  4. Toxic Friends
  5. Weight Gain
  6. Health Issues
  7. Unhealthy Relationships....Friends or Family
  8. Stuff.........


For me it was the big FAT D......okay D's. 

  1. Divorce X 2
  2. Debt
  3. Dead-end Job

Crap. That's a lot of stuff to deal with right? Good/Bad news is I am or wasn't the only one dealing with this. These issues are REAL and are constantly happening all around us. SAD. I know. BUT. True.

Does It Get Better? Of Course It Does

For all of you amazing ladies out there facing these exact issues I know what you're going through. You have to believe me when I say.... it will and does get better. It starts with you believing in yourself.

You are worthy of all that life can offer you. Are you going to be ready to accept those offers when they surface? Only..... if you can clear your mind and believe in yourself. It's not easy when you are constantly being beat down. Not enough money. Not enough education. Not enough time. Not enough support. Not enough love. On and On and ON........

$20 and Good Health.....It's Possible

I know. I've been there too. I've been at the grocery store with $20 and a weeks groceries I needed to get for two people......this was in the 90's, still difficult though to buy for two. I made it work. I spent hours figuring out the best way to spend that $20. My daughter never went hungry. She never ate "bad" food. We ate as healthy as we could with $20. So healthy in fact that my daughter never ate at fast food and to this day she doesn't care for fast food. Mc Donalds wasn't a staple in our diet. Burger King wasn't a staple in our diet. Kool aid wasn't a staple in our diet. Chips wasn't a staple in our diet. Get what I'm sayin here?

It's possible to make good decisions concerning your diet when funds are low. YOU are in charge of what you put in your cart and on your plate. Yes. You. Are. No need to argue. I know first hand.

My Bad

So I guess my initial thought vomit is about where you spend your $$ at the grocery store. And are you eating healthy? My bad. I can't control which thought crowds to the front and flows down to my finger tips.

But for reals ladies. Spend those precious $$ wisely. It will pay off. I promise. Don't weaken your goals because your $$ are limited. Re-evaluate your situation. Don't say F'it and spend like a crazed fool. Pause. Think about the outcome of your spending. You. Can. Make. It. Work. I did!!

My daughter never was hungry. Never was sick. Never was overweight. Never was in question about our dinner options. NEVER! I was in control of our health. And.....I did a pretty good damn job. Thank you!

This girl makes my strive to be better than I was the day before. I absolutely love her and admire her. You can find her goodness at emyleesays.com. Read more about our super cray life at meetwithtisa.com

Thank Those Lavender Fields

This is for YOU. This is a START. This is your answered PRAYER. I am here for you. I get where you're coming from. I have cried those same damn tears. I have felt defeated. I have overcome all of this.....ON MY OWN. I wanted the best for my daughter and for MYSELF.  You can do this. You can overcome ANYTHING. I promise. I PROMISE.

You are AMAZING. Awesome things are waiting for YOU. I believe in YOU.


xoxo Tisa

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