Follow Your Heart


Your Heart speaks loud.

                            But your Brain speaks louder.


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I hope you grabbed a big ole mug of coffee. We’re going to be getting down and dirty with this Heart vs Brain business. You may even need a glass of Reisling if you have one of those stubborn Brains.

Stop letting your critical thinking Brain detour what your Heart is desperately telling you.

Are You Listening?

When your Heart speaks you had better be listening. Imagine the cute little heart on one shoulder and the not so cute little brain on the other shoulder. These little guys are tugging at your decisions. You think you have made a decision then BAM you don’t think it’s such a great idea anymore.

You’re laughing. But you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You’ve had this argument with yourself many times. Tell me. Who wins most of the time? Heart?....or.... Brain?

Your Brain is definitely the top winner. Right?!?!

Your Heart is Full of Love

Your Heart doesn’t speak to you out of fear or doubt. Your Heart believes in you. Your Heart doesn’t know pain.  Your Heart is full of love and kindness.

It’s when you start to over-think things…….here’s where the Brain takes over…that you start doubting what your Heart is telling you. Or you tell yourself “No way will this work, what was I thinking”? Well, let me tell ya…you wasn’t thinking. Okay. You were listening to your Heart. Your Heart is your biggest supporter for you. It believes you can achieve great things. Anything from starting a side hustle to losing 10 pounds.

Critical Thinking

Your critical thinking Brain convinces you that you are ”Not good enough”, “Not ready”, or that “It’s a dumb idea”.  WHAT! Really. What does the brain know?…….okay, it’s knows a lot. But really!

You’re asking yourself..... “When do I know the Brain doesn’t know what’s best for me and I should listen to my Heart instead”? You don’t! I know. I know. What the hell are you talking about girl? No….I haven’t lost my marbles……Yet! Stay with me.

It’s the process of your thoughts that need to be understood. Which leads us to now being the perfect time to work on your confidence and self esteem? You really need to give that good ole Brain of yours a run for its money. It can be all smart. But shooting down your dreams or desires is not cool.

Golden Nuggets and Coffee

Our next coffee talk will be about changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Building your confidence and giving you a nice dose of self esteem.  Who doesn’t want these two golden nuggets in their life?

Be amazing. Love yourself. Drink coffee.

Xoxo Tisa

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