Making A List Can Improve Your Health

Stress and Your Health are not BFF's. When there's stress your health will be impacted. As I mentioned in the last post......if you missed it please scroll on down and check it out.....stress was wrecking havoc on my kidneys. Poor little beans. That hospital stay was a huge eye opener for me.

I call this guy STRESS. I don't want him chasing me and taking a big chunk out of me....unless he could nibble a bit off of my bum. That would be nice. Anyhow, stop letting stress get the best of you. Head over to and learn how to tameyour stress.

You Got The Power

Through, what do I call them...I want to say lessons, but that sounds weird. I guess words of experience and wisdom sounds kinda weird too. So, how about we call them lessons and roll with it. Because seriously, these words will teach you so much and give you so much valuable information to help you learn how to deal with stress. And give you the power to kick stresses ass. I'm more of a lover not a fighter. However, I can kick some mean ass when it comes to stress.

Definitely don't want you lying on a gurney in the ER doubled over in pain and running a fever so high that the nurses are freaking out. Kinda scary! Lets skip that step, shall we.

So when you're feeling that surge of frustration. The one that you can't seem to control. The one that causes you to say and do things you normally wouldn't do. The one that is eating away at your health. Yes. That's the one. That feeling. Stop and take a deep breath. This is the moment you can change the outcome to your situation. 

Stop The Stinkin Thinkin

Remember, how I mentioned in Mind Management....please catch up on all that fab info if you haven't yet.... that your thoughts about a situation creates the feeling you have for that situation/circumstance. It's still true. Nothing has changed. Nothing at all.  I like to call it stinkin thinkin. If you could make a decision and then not have the after stinkin thinkin time you would accomplish so much more and remove a big ole pile of stress from your life.

Statistics are crazy high for serious illnesses that are exacerbated by stress, can you believe 80%. WOW.

Tigers....Oh MY

You experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. There's that thoughts thing that keeps coming up. Now, not all stress is bad. For instance, if you're about to be eaten by a tiger....cause that happens all the time....I'm mean really.... your body will respond with flight or fight to avoid danger. Now. That is a good stress. However, your body when faced with continuous stresses and not those tiger chases you licking his lips kind of stresses....your body responds and usually with:

Is stress kicking your ass? You can put this behind pun intended. Well, maybe. Head over to and learn how you can kick stresses ass.


  1. illness
  2. food cravings
  3. weight gain
  4. insomnia
  5. hair loss
  6. increased blood sugar
  7. increased blood pressure
  8. tension headaches
  9. stroke
  10. back pain
  11. premature aging
  12. decrease sex drive....Oh dear
  13. decrease job performance
  14. colds
  15. digestion issues -  irritable bowel syndrome is one......Yikes

Nobody has time for that. So, lets get down and dirty with how you are going to start dealing with stress. Are you in?

Thought so!

It's going to take a lot of practice and changing your mindset to be able to deal with your stress. You must be willing to let some things go. Don't dwell on that stress one more second than it deserves. You have total control over what you do, think, say, and live. You have to find that strength within you. It's there. I know. I found mine.

Too Busy Schedule

Since we are not having an one on one conversation I will talk about some of my stressors which you all probs have also. Currently, my biggest stressor is having a too busy schedule. Or at least I think it is. But once I write down all that I need to do and prioritize each thing in order of importance or deadline...... I feel better. Getting it out of my head and on paper so that I can organize it and put a deadline on it has done wonders for me. This is something I do each week. I make a list which I has put in order of importance. Check things off as I go.....and this makes me feel so good. BOOM! Getting shit done.

Sometimes my order of importance has to change and that's ok. I just move things around and continue. I'll give you an example. I've been wanting to blog more, post more on insta and on Pinterest, have more time enjoying outdoors, have time to myself to do DIY projects (a great stress reliever), spend time with friends enjoying our amazing weather. guessed it. I wrote it all down but not before I allowed myself to kinda freak out a little about it. Then, I was like get a grip you got this. You know what to do. Chill for a second. Take a deep breath. Go write your list.

Writing List = Life Saver

Writing list has been my life saver. I have about a zillion list all over the place....on my desk, on my dresser, on my breakfast bar, on my phone, and on my fridge. I admit it. I'm a list freak. But it works for me. It will work for you too. Trust me.

Pretty simple huh? Well, for the too many things to do list it is. Making your list to help you prioritize your things to do will definitely have a positive impact on you and your health.

I will go into more detail on stress and your health, weight, job, and relationships in future post. So come back to see the continuation of how you can achieve stress relief and start getting your life back on track. Get ready to kick stresses ass.

Be amazing. Be vibrant. Be totally F'ing hilarious. Love yo-self.

xoxo Tisa

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