Dear Stress.....

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Dear Stress....let's break up. Okay. It's not working out between us. I mean really. You know.  You bring me down. Nobody likes you. Sorry.....I'm not sorry. But really, you need to leave. NOW!

You mess with my hormones.

You make me act all Bitchy.

When you're around nobody wants to be be with me.......I'm all alone.

I don't like being alone.

So.......JUST....leave. Okay.

That Bitch Stress

Believe it or not.....this is the conversation you need to have with that bitch stress. You have total control over your stress. You can change how you think about what causes you stress. You can handle all of what this stress wants to deal you.

The secret here is to manage your stress. MANAGE. You can do it. Just before it overwhelms you, you need to take control and set it straight. Stress is NOT going to control you. So.....don't let it.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I totally get where you're coming from. Remember, I have been there. Stress is so persistent. So controlling. So demanding. So life sucking.

In a Tuxedo....Really, Not Kidding

If I had given in to all those stress moments I have encountered in my life I would be who knows where. Really. Seriously. Stress has shown up at my door in a tuxedo all glowing and beautiful. But, this girl knows when to step back and say ..."WTF....who the hell are you?".

That is exactly what has kept me sane. Let me tell ya. The stories I have would send you to your bed crying. BUT......nope, I'm not gonna let me stop being me. My life has been one shit story after another. If we were together enjoying a glass of Reisling I would probs spill my guts. So....just trust me when I say...You can get through this. I did. I am.

Believe In Yourself

Nothing is bigger than success. My coaster says it all....Success is the Best Revenge..... Yep, true story. When you think you have sunk to your lowest can rise above it. I know you can. I have. Believe in yourself.

Belief. No one can take that away from you.....unless you allow it. And, why would you do that? Why?

So, I guess my reasoning tonight is about stress and others taking away your belief in yourself. Jeez. But really. It can go hand in hand. Because usually others are the main cause to your stress.

The way I deal with people causing me stress is to walk away and stop listening to them ramble. I don't give them another minute of my time. This is my time and I'm not going to give the opportunity to screw up my time.

Stupid Doesn't Deserve My Company

They do something stupid. I acknowledge it. Then I let it go. Stupid doesn't deserve company...especially mine.

So.....when stress hits. Acknowledge it. Let it go. Move on to what is important to you. What is going to benefit you.

Change your mindset about the stress. Is it really that important to you. Can you do anything to change it. If not........let it go.

Remember......letting stress effect you, effects your hormones which will make your life a roller coaster of hell. So. Stop. Letting. It. Effect. You.

Stop Ignoring Your Stress Signals

Meditation or Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress. Choose wisely....don't ignore stress. If you go on doing what you have always done...ignoring your stress signals.....then you will eventually suffer from a multitude of stress related diseases.  I know that is not what you want, so....time to be proactive. Whip stress's ass. Take control of your life and the direction you're headed.

You got this. I believe in you. I have been in your shoes.

xoxo. Tisa

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