Stress..... Just Leave

Sooooo......have you broken up with stress yet? What? No?? What's holding you up?

Well, frankly there can be a ton of stuff that's holding you up. Right?

A Lot Of Talking Going On.....Over Here

In previous post I've talked and I mean I have talked about:

  1. Ways to reduce stress
  2. What stress can do to your health
  3. Tips on how to manage your stress

That's a lot to soak in. So much information just to handle that pesky stress. I hope you're not too overwhelmed and now think WTF, I will never be able to get my stress under control. SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. THINK. ABOUT. Now, I'm really stressed.

Finding stress taking over your life. Find out what 4 steps to take to regain control over your life. Head on over to to get the scoop on these 4 steps.

You Got This Girl

I hear ya. It's definitely a process. A process that takes will power and persistence. You got this girl. You really do. I been down this road of more stress on my plate than food. I have.....over many years learned how to manage my stress.

Now, before you think WOW, she doesn't have any stress.....COOL.  Not true. In fact, I still will have episodes of stress that I find difficult to handle. WHOA! I know. This is just life. No ones life is free of all stress. NO ONE!

It's all how we look at stress and deal with it that makes the difference. You can go back and check this out on several of the Stress Management post.

Enough Talking Already

So, enough recapping. I have grouped everything I have discussed to date in nice little of 4 groups. I wanted you to be able to glance at or at the least be able to print it off and have it handy when you are facing those dreaded stressful moments.

This is something you MUST make a habit in your life. FOREVER. Stress is not going to go extinct or get sucked up in a tornado. So, you must be actively ready to deal with stress. AT. ALL. TIMES.

Stress Management 101

Head on over to to get the scoop on how these 4 steps can help you mange your stress.


  1. Eat healthy
  2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep
  3. Exercise 3-4 times a week at the least


  1. Be positive
  2. Be realistic
  3. Limit caffeinated drinks
  4. Reduce sugar intake


  1. Exercise
  2. Yoga
  3. Mediate
  4. Get a massage
  5. Go for long walks outdoors
  6. Listen to music
  7. Start a hobby


  1. Start a stress journal
    1. Note time, day, place of stress episode
    2. Helps you to understand what triggers stress
    3. Work on solutions to your stress
    4. Pick the best solution and make steps to resolve stress issue
  2. Manage your time
    1. Keep a "To Do List"
    2. Keep an appointment book
    3. Organize your time to benefit your needs
  3. Start saying "No"
    1. Just because someone asked for your help doesn't mean you have/need to help
    2. It's okay to say no....

Start using these 4 steps to deal with your stress and end that toxic relationship you and stress have been carrying on for all these years. When you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, helpless...... Time for a time-out. Grab your pen and paper and start jotting down what is going on in your life. Take note how each item on your list makes you feel when you read it.

Bitchy And Narcissistic Asshole......Not A Good Combo

Make decisions that will benefit you. Decisions that will make you happy. Hold up just a minute though. This doesn't mean to be all bitchy about a crazed narcissistic asshole. Start giving meaningful thought into how you are managing your time and life. If it means saying NO to people or projects because you already have way too much on your plate then say NO. If it's not something you're interested in.....say NO.

Wanna Hear My Secret?

I'm going to let you in on a secret......Today (to be honest this last week) was super stressful.....actually it has been total nutsO. Working late. Not getting any time to exercise or really just plan ole relax. I haven't had much time to work my sidehustle.....this makes so unhappy. My little rescue dog likes to dig out of the yard and the little shit will not come to me when he's out.....I have to just let him run then a few hours later he'll be back. Which leaves me worrying about him the whole time. Have a stupid nasty Possum that likes to creep around the top of the fence at night....totally driving my Shepard crazy. Did I mention I'm terrified of those damn creepy guys. 

So all of this as been simmering. I thought I was doing a pretty good job at managing this stress. Last Thursday it all came to a boil. Talk about bad timing. This happens the same time I'm blogging about managing stress. (Kinda embarrassing)  But it's real. It happens. And it's difficult sometimes. After taking a long look and talking it all out with my girl I realized I've been neglecting ......managing my time, making a "To Do List", making a schedule, Not saying NO.

Checks And Balances

Having a reality check is a good thing. Keeps you in check and balance. Once you get pretty darn good at managing your stress it's easy to get a little cocky. Checks and Balances peeps. Don't forget like I did and have a shit week that left me with a red blotchy chest and ready to run over the next idiot not going the speed limit. Please. Don't. Forget.

I hope this has been helpful to you. That you've been able to start applying these steps to get your stress under control. Any questions or comments please shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Stress is NASTY.....about as nasty as a possum. Time to take away the authority stress has over your life. Time to start living and enjoying your life.

Be amazing. Love yourself.


xoxo Tisa

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