Sugar Is Not Your Friend

You crave sugar like no tomorrow.

You "think" you are satisfied when you eat sugary foods.

I know I sure do. Man give me a bag of chocolate covered almonds and I'm game.

Is eating too many sugary treats causing you to have mental fog. Sugar is not your friend. Head over to for the scoop.

Listen up..........eating too many of these yummy tasty sugary foods will kill you. Yep. True story.

There. I said it. Hard to hear. I know. Damn those chocolate covered almonds....(well eating the entire bag in one sitting, that it).

It's Not Gibberish

I know. You're about to stop reading all this gibberish. You're so tired of hearing the stop eating so much sugar speech. Sorry. I'm not sorry. I'm here to help you make changes in your life so you can live your life more abundantly. Hard to do that if your ass is dead.

Don't Want To Believe Me

So that you don't think I'm being a total sugar snob I got some facts for you. And here they are........

The World Health Organization recommends for daily intake roughly 50 grams of sugar for someone of normal weight. However, here in the US people are ingesting more that twice this amount. No surprise here with the grocery carts packed with so many bottled drinks and packaged foods which are loaded with natural sugars and/or with artificial sweeteners. Yikes.

And......That's Not All

Added sugars pack non-nutritive calories into foods and can lead to weight gain,” said Jason, MD, of Harvard Mediacal School speaking on behalf of The Obesity Society.

Castrated Carbohydrates....What?

Nothing stresses the body as much as refined sugar. Edward Howell, PhD., is calling refined sugar a "skeletonized food" and a "castrated carbohydrate. While Ralph Golan, M.D., calls it a "metabolic freeloader". But the worst dangers, though, are not found in natural sugars but in the use of artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame an artificial sweetener, is found in Equal and NurtaSweet. This toxic artificial sweetener is made up of three chemical "aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol." Yes, I just said chemicals. OMGee. Really. Chemicals. Oh, hell no.

Trade Offs......Sometimes Are Bad Trades

So many people who are on diets are replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners to reduce their caloric intake. So what is happening with this trade off is you are on your way to be suffering from headaches, numbness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, seizures, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

Pretty good trade off. Right?

Don't think so!

Aspartame is in over 9,000 products. Other health issues that have been reported are memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, depression, and schizophrenia.

Don't Jeopardize Your Boss Babe Status

It's very difficult to be an amazing Boss Babe when you can't remember what your super awesome idea was. Difficult to focus too. Very frustrating, which will increase your stress and decrease your productivity. Nobody wants that. Is sugary loaded drinks or foods worth it? I would say...... NOPE! Not at all!

Love Yourself......Girl

First thing I want you to do is STOP purchasing drinks and food with artificial sweeteners. Your body will be ever so grateful. To improve your health you MUST limit the amount of toxins and chemicals that you ingest, breath, and apply to your body.

I have been working on this for a few years now. I have been so very surprised at how many items I purchased were so dang toxic. I was literally poisoning my body. I will share later about how I made the shift from store bought lotions, deodorants, pain meds, bug spray, and so many more items I no longer purchase at my very favorite store. Sorry Target. But not really.

A Little Curious....Are You?

So how do I sweeten my food, my coffee, my life?

Mental fog and decreased productivity. Sugar could be the cause. Head over to to get the scoop.

I have switched from sweetening my coffee with creamer and sugar to Local Honey and Grade B Maple Syrup. I also use LH and GBMS in recipes.....Unsweetened Applesauce can be used also.

Why Local Honey you ask?

Using Local Honey helps with those seasonal allergies. And taste good. Duh!

How About That Grade B Maple Syrup?

Grade B Maple Syrup has a lower glycemic index, resulting in a slow, gradual rise in blood sugar levels. This grade is the best sweetener and the most balanced sugar. Yum!

There are a few others you can use that are a natural low-gycemic sweetener. Blue Agave Nectar (Organic), Stevia, and Fructose.

Scared......You Should Be

So there's the skinny on sugar and artificial sweeteners. Kinda scary. Don't ya think? What's going to be scary is when you start reading labels and adding up your daily sugar intake. I know I, really, I consume that much sugar. But, I eat healthy. Well, sugar is in way more things than you think. I was shocked.

You're Dying To Ask

I know you're dying to ask.

The answer is yes. I still eat chocolate covered almonds. However, I go about it a lot differently now. I get chocolate almonds with the least amount of ingredients....which should only be Almonds, Cocoa (Enjoy Life Foods Bar), Sweetener....Right? And, the worst part of this whole thing is limiting how many I eat at a time. The days of eating the entire bag are long gone. Boo.

Another little secret is that since I have started to choose groceries with least amount of ingredients and ingredients I can pronounce I don't crave sweets as much or I can satisfy my craving with a small amount. Crazy. Huh?

Making lifestyle changes takes time and dedication. You are worth every ounce of energy you put into it. Don't give up. Don't deny yourself better health. Stay strong. You can do this.

xoxo, Tisa this crazy urge to go get some chocolate covered almonds.....geesh.

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