Change Is In The Air

Fall is here. What's not to LOVE. Fall brings nice cool crisp weather. Beautiful evening outdoors with a glass of wine sitting by a fire. Yep, count me in on this one. And......let's talk about those beautiful vibrant colors the leaves are. LOVE.

Season change. Are you ready for change. Head over to for tips on making thoses changes.

Just like Mondays, Fall is the perfect time for do overs. To make changes. To improve your life. To start living your life abundantly.

Achieving Your Goals?

Fall gives me all kinds of energy. It also gives me the urge to evaluate how my life is going. Just like at a 9 to 5er you get evaluated to see if you're achieving your goals, reaching your quotas, or being the best you can be. You should also evaluate your life to see if you're heading in the direction you plan to head.

Be A Nerd......I Dare Ya

No this is not some nerdy thing to do......okay well maybe a little nerdy. But who cares. It's okay to be a little nerdy. It's kinda sexy. ~wink. wink

So babes, get with it. Time to evaluate your life. YOUR life. NOT just your career.

Ditch Your Blankie

It's so easy to get all cozy in your nice little comfort zone. this place going to take you in the direction you wish to be? It's a good idea to take risk and step out of your warm cozy space and jump in. I totally understand how nice it is to be wrapped snuggly in your blankie but listen up......YOU. Will. Not. Ever. Reach your dreams if you don't leave your comfy place.

It'll be okay to be uncomfortable. It'll be okay to be scared. It'll be fantastic to reach your dreams!

Get To It.....Babes

So babes......get to it and grab a big ole cup of joe or glass of wine. Hell, drag the whole box of wine with ya. Yes, I said box. Don't be a snob. The box has 4 bottles of wine in it. Score. Go get yo-self a super cute note pad and pen.....I get a shit ton from Targets $1 bin. Find a comfy spot. Settle in and get busy answering the following questions:

What is it that's holding you back? Head over to to get the scoop on what may be holding you back from your goals.
  1. Am I happy?
  2. Am I satisfied with my life?
  3. Am I satisfied with my career?
  4. Am I being 100% of who I am?
  5. Am I moving forward?
  6. Am I making a difference?
  7. Am I making the $$ I want to be making?
  8. Am I just settling?
  9. Am I learning new things?
  10. Am I holding myself accountable for my actions?
  11. Am I treating myself with priority?
  12. Am I eating healthy?
  13. Am I getting enough sleep?
  14. Am I getting enough exercise?
  15. Am I spending time with friends?
  16. Am I spending time with family?
  17. Am I taking time to relax?
  18. Am I laughing often?
  19. Am I crying often?
  20. Am I ready for change?

Got Some Work To Do......Right?

I bet you found there is some work here for you to get started on. If you're feeling overwhelmed give me a shout and I'll give you some tips on how to get started on making those changes.

You can find the PDF of the above questions in the Library. Print it off and get busy.

You got this babes. You rock. You are amazing........and I lufs you all.

xoxo, Tisa

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