I Blog Because I Care Too Damn Much

I want to get down right honest with you right now. I want to tell you exactly why I blog and why you should read it.

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I blog because I care too damn much for people. I want everyone to be happy, healthy, successful. I want people to shine. 

If I talk to you for one hot minute I can find something that I can help you with. Yep, it's that easy. For me that is......

I can sense if you are unhappy, insecure, lonely, angry, stressed, unhealthy.......

Now, I'm not saying this happens immediately. Through conversation and watching your body language...and yes that's a language, I can learn a lot about you in a short time.

What Are You Talking About Lady

How? You ask.

Through observation. I study people. I'm intrigued by peoples character and how they became the person they are at that moment in life.

Pretty much I'm a nosy little shit. I ask a ton of questions. 

And I get answers......sometimes a tad too much of an answer but answers I get. 

Why do total strangers tell me these things. Well, it's because I listen and treat them with respect. Boy does that go a long way with people.

I work with all sorts of people...everyday. From transients to Doctors. Get this. I treat them all the same. I listen to each of them the same. 

I have broke through some tough exteriors and got them to loosen up and talk and the biggest bonus...I got them to smile and laugh. Talk about making my heart smile. Yep, it sure does when this happens. 

No One Really WANTS To Be Grumpy

Deep down and I'm talking waaaaay deep down people don't want to be grumpy and hateful 24/7. They really don't. I've seen it with my own eyes.

There are so many walls that get built early in life and it never gets removed it only gets thicker. This becomes their new "normal" and their life goes on.

I want to break these walls down. I want to free people of their misery. I want them to shine.

WE all have walls. Don't kid yourself. There is something that is holding you back from being all that you were meant to be. Don't you want to meet that person? This is where you move your head up and down. And can I get an AMEN?!? Sista!

Okay, now that you know I'm a nosy little shit that wants to help others shine in their life why wouldn't you want to follow me through this journey I have set out on? Exactly. You do. It's quit intriguing ....right?

Shine. Shine. Shine.

What makes me better than someone else to do this "Let Us Shine Project". Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Anybody can do it. But will they?

Some yes.

Most....don't have an interest.

I do. I have an interest.

It's in my blood........Thanks Mom!

I can't stop myself.


I've Tried

I've tried not to give two shits about helping others and just focus on ME. That worked out well. For about 5 minutes into a conversation with someone and I'm back at it. So, you can say "I'm doomed to help". I say "it's my pleasure to help".

This is why I blog.

I gather, study, research, listen, read, watch anything I can buy, sign up for or watch to learn how to help with...well just about every aspect of life.

Life Is About Balance

Balancing......mind, body and soul. Can't deny this one second. Our body thrives best when it's in homeostasis.......which means balance.

This is what you will find on my blog. 

Guidance on how to live a balanced life. 

Topics get a little crazy....this is your warning. I want to bring everything to your awareness. Even the stuff that is a little....let's say "interesting". It'll be a good read, I promise. "insert big smile"

If I can help just one person come out of their shell, let go of some bad baggage or get healthier. This blog will have done what I intend for it to do.

Follow me on instagram....it'll be fun! You all like to have fun. Right?

xoxo Tisa