Jewelry Making....Is As Old As Methuselah


News flash I didn't invent bracelets and neither did "So and So." Read more over at

Everybody loves them some jewels.

I'm gonna vent a little here about the topic of jewelry making. Some of you will get it and some of you will probs get pissed. Either way I need to get it off of my chest.

As you know or maybe you just now found out, I am a jewelry designer. I have been designing for about 16 years now. One statement that will send me over the edge quicker than the gas prices going up is "Oh, you make bracelets and so."

Um, negatory bucko. I make my own designs. My inspirations are unique to me. And not to burst your bubble but "So and So" didn't invent bracelets and neither did I.

In fact, jewelry creating has been around for over 100,00 years. With the most influential civilizations like Egypt, India and China being the leaders in the development of jewelry design.

Some 100,000 years ago jewelry was the standard for embellishing the body. Yes, this means clothes came second. Interesting, huh?

The jewels worn were embellished with stones, animal skins, feathers, plants, bones, shells, and wood. Interesting, yes?

Jewelry worn was a way for a person to express his or herself nonverbally. A simple glance at an individual would inform someone of their wealth, rank, political and religious affiliation or affections toward another person. Wow, talk about an open book.

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Egypt set the standard in gem collecting and glass manufacture. With their solid foundation in jewelry production Egypt laid a solid foundation for all European civilizations that followed. Not to mention their unique style affected fashion trends four thousand years later. Talk about influence.

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Indias approach was geared more towards a connection to jewelry that became an integral part of their daily life and religion. India also managed to conquer the art of gold gathering and processing leading them to develop jewelry making earlier than other parts of the country around them.  This also made them the most sought after destinations for trade which lead them to become the driving force for the incredible expansion of European civilization during the Age of Discovery.

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China managed to become the driving force in the developing of arts and their influence and unique style spread entire Asia. Chinese style was focused on scenes of nature, animals and dragons which you will still find in designs created today.

Basically, our ancestors walked the earth all blinged out and butt naked. Many thanks to the human who introduced cotton and all the ways one could use cotton and make beautiful garments to cover the body with. 

I'm going to continue this chat about Jewelry History......just because there's so much to learn and I'm kinda of nerdy like that.

Have you ever really thought about what your jewelry stands for to you? 


Has it become less important in regards to how it connects to you and is just a pretty object?

Oh man, I hope not. My jewelry speaks to me. They bring me comfort. 

Coming next: Jewelry customs and why I think they have changed. You won't want to miss this tid bit of information.