Letting Go So You Can Hold On Tighter

You probably read this title and thought I have finally lost my mind.

Nope. Rest assure. I have not lost it.

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Let Me Count The Ways

There are so many ways to express LOVE for another. The LOVE you share for your sibling, your significant other or your sweet little puppy are all your very own reactions to how you feel about others.

Your reACTIONS are fueled by your feelings about how you are thinking about a circumstance. All of this in a nutshell gives you your results.........your outcome to EVERYTHING you experience.

Taking Responsibility

You, me and everyone else walking the face of this earth are the ONLY one responsible for our own outcomes. You have to step up to the plate and come to terms with yourself about taking responsibility. Responsibility for everything you think, feel, speak, and actions you take. 

Circumstance. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. = Results

If your results are not up to speed for you and you want to see a different outcome then you have to start making changes in your actions.

These steps can be applied to anything in your life. Not just your LOVE life but also with your family, friends, career, and your dreams.

Not Getting Satisfying Results

So you're not getting satisfying results. You wish things for once would turn out how you would like them to. 


What's stopping you?

Without a doubt in my mind the results you long for ARE POSSIBLE.

For the next 3-4 days take notes about how you respond to all circumstances you encounter each day. 

At the end of the those days read over your notes and be honest with yourself about what YOU could have done differently. Was you quick to snap at another? Did you not take time to listen? Are you not wiling to adapt? Do you give in too easily? Do you settle? 

You'll will find that by making some minimal changes you can see improvement with your outcomes.

These 5 Steps Will Help Make A Difference

  • Take time to listen....... you will learn a lot about someone or something just by giving them a few extra minutes.
  • Before you respond take a deep breath before you answer. Do a mental check list. How do I want this response to come across and what kind of outcome do I want? And PLEASE be careful with your tone. Your tone can make or break a response.......this is a very fine line.
  • Changes happen all the time and all around us......learning to adapt to these changes will empower you in your personal growth.
  • Your voice needs to be heard. Don't simply agree about something because it seems like the right thing to do. Speak up.
  • Don't settle because you are afraid of the what if's. Hell, we all are a little afraid of the what if's. Live your life stop settling.

How Your Past Affects Your Present

Most of the time our past is what has molded us into the person we are. This is not a bad thing. We learn our morals and values growing up. We have wonderful memories that bring us happiness. But we also may have learned negative behaviors and may have memories that have a negative outcome on our present lives.

If you have negative feelings/thoughts you have been dragging around with you all of these years....well, it's time to let them go. The past is.....well, the PAST. The only thing you can do in the present day is to acknowledge your past for what it was and accept it for what it was then release the power it has over you.

Do not live one more day thinking about what happened yesterday, last month, last year or even decades ago. 

Let It Go

Letting go will give you the power to start living your life....... Abundantly. Healthy. Joyfully. Lovingly. 

Letting go of your negativity, your fear, and your distrust removes the wedge between you and who/what you love.  

Love. Love. Love

So....Let go, so you can hold on tighter. And love bigger.

xoxo, Tisa