Hibernation is OVER

Sometimes you need to check out for a bit.  The Onyx Feather and Meet with Tisa join forces and are now easily found in their new digs together. Head over and see their place at www.theonyxfeather.com

Hey all, I sure have missed spilling my thoughts and sharing words of wisdom with you. So here's the deal. The reason I've been in writing hibernation is because "shit hit the fan" with my other love.....The Onyx Feather.

Who Is The Onyx Feather?

Let me just tell you. I have rekindled my love of designing jewelry. The Onyx Feather studio is where I'm at peace and I let my creative juices flow. My designs are primarily with natural gemstones. Mostly because I am drawn to the beauty of the natural stones. But also due to their healing properties. Win Win!!

I have always loved designing my own pieces...... mainly because I'm not a huge fan of following trends in their entirety. I like to design my jewelry and decorate mi casa with a good mix of designs. You just never know what I'll come up with. Each collection is more unique than the one before.

I launched my 2016 Winter Collection and it has been good to me. In fact, it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and I'm enjoying it with hands in the air and screaming all the way.

The collection is beautiful and was my first launch using gemstones in the designs.

Taking The Bull By The Horns

What really took the bull by the horns was that I got serious. I got f'ing serious about my biz. Hince, the need for blog writing hibernation. I made some changes. Some huge changes. I took some risk, which scared me to death. I did not look back. I tweaked and tweaked and then tweaked some more...........p.s. I'm still tweaking.

Vulnerable Moments Are Scary

I opened up myself to some pretty vulnerable situations. I've mentioned in previous post that I am an introvert at its finest. So taking off that cloak of protection that I have in my happy space I was able to connect with people I never would have made nestled in the comfy confines of my home. These connections have turned into valuable friendships I will be forever grateful to have. 

Funny thing is once you take that first step (leap) and get it behind you it's not that difficult or nerve racking to repeat. Rinse and Repeat.

I Love My Tribe

I have learned valuable biz lessons from several different groups of kick ass business creatives. I have joined a few business tribes for support as well as biz knowledge. Let me tell you the biz knowledge bombs that come from these groups are priceless.

I have learned a shit ton of valuable business building concepts from Think Creative Collective. The two ladies of TCC are A-mazing and the Tribe of biz people in this group are so supportive and helpful. I also have been soaking up all the 411 from Thrive and Flourish.

I not only have my online Tribes. I also have joined a local Creative Chics Coffee and Collaboration group of women who meet up once a month for 2 hours. We sit and collaborate, throw ideas (even the crazy ones), and share our brick wall moments.  These 2 hour meet ups have taught me valuable lessons. One of those lessons is how important it is to find others who are like minded and creative to share and bounce your ideas with. These chics offer up brutally honest feedback, that saves a lot of mistakes and wasted time in the future.

Storm Before The Calm......No Kidding

Now that things have calmed down......I mean I have figured some shit out..... I will be posting on the blog again on a regular bases (whatever that means). One of the things I figured out was how to combine my blog (meet with tisa) and The Onyx Feather. Keeping them separate was just too damn hard. I felt like I had two friends that didn't like each other making me spend time with them separately without the other knowing. Crazy, I know. But now they LOVE each other.

New relationships (meet with tisa + The Onyx Feather) means rearranging space for the other. Which meant the website got an over haul and I love it. We all live together under one beautiful roof. I could not have made this possible without the help of TCC. Want to make changes in your biz head here Think Creative Collective

Check Out My New Digs

Take a tour of my new site. It's pretty snazzy! You'll find all of the old blog post are still there. Although some may get an overhaul......cause I was told to and have not got to it yet. Shhhhh, don't let the Tribe know. 

Snarky Ways

Now that I've got it together (for the most part) I'll be hitting the keyboard again and sending you love along the way. You still get to experience my snarky ways......that didn't change. Whew, I know you're worried.

I will be meshing the two (my wisdom and designs) together to give you  tips for health improvements. Tips that will set your soul on fire. Changes that will ease your breathing. A calm that will soothe you from head to toe. Sassiness that will perk you up. Threads that will make you sparkle.

So who's ready?

I am!