Green Line Jasper and White Quartz stones are known to aid in reducing toxicity and inflammation, to balance the body, and to reduce symptoms of migraine headaches.....which are all symptoms of Lyme Disease. Head over to the blog to learn more www.theonyxfeather.com

Hey all.......

It's winter here in the midwest. Meaning we have some pretty cold ass days then you wake up to days that reach highs in the 70's. Go figure. 

One thing I do love is taking long walks on crisp cool days. And I'm not talking about walking around the block. Who wants to look at house after house after house? Not me! Nope I head to the wilderness because that's where all the badass walks/hikes should take place. Right?

We have a beautiful urban wilderness about 10 miles from where I live. The area runs along the river....well more like the sandy river bed with some pools of water here and there. But anyways, it's still a beautiful spot for a nice hike. Fantastic inclines, huge rocks, streams, trees....lots of trees and a couple of abandoned rail cars. Which are creepy but cool at the same time.

If you're like me you head out with your water bottle and walking shoes and hit the trails with not a care in the world. This is a time to unwind and get some outdoor activity under your feet.

Ticks have never been a concern for me. I'm more freaked out about coming face to face with a snake that ticks are low on my things to be concerned for list.



Ticks should be on our "things to be concerned for list." 

One tick.

Can change.

Your life.

I have a couple of friends who know this all too well. 

One lives on the east coast.

One lives on the west coast.

But both have daughters who suffer the life changing symptoms these nasty little ticks gave them.

I met Nicki and Carrie on Insta. So basically, I met them on the internet or more accurately through social media. Online friendships are the best.

Their bravery and fierce fight against this little nasty tick inspired me to 1) reach out to these badass brave women 2) read up on Lyme Disease 3) want to help them spread awareness.

Any one of us can be affected by this disease. These little ticks are not picky about who they land on and feed off of.

A rash shaped like a bulls's-eye is considered characteristic of Lyme Disease. However, some may not have a rash or their rash looks different than this one.

A rash shaped like a bulls's-eye is considered characteristic of Lyme Disease. However, some may not have a rash or their rash looks different than this one.

If you've seen some of the places NIcki hikes you'd be so jealous. In fact, I'm so jealous I've sorta invited myself to come hike with her some time....and that's not creepy at all. Right?

What brought the Las Tres Amigas together was a design of mine made with the beautiful white quartz and green line jasper.

Green Line Jasper is said to reduce toxicity and inflammation which is beneficial to those who have Lyme Disease.

Quartz is known to bring the body into balance and has been used to aid in reducing symptoms from migraine headaches which is also beneficial to those who have Lyme Disease.

Carrie's hashtag #ticksaredicks is perfect in describing how one feels about these nasty ticks.

Here's a list of signs and symptoms to look for if you think you may have been affected by one of these nasty ticks.



WARNING!!! FYI!!!!..........................now that I have your attention.

Ticks especially deer ticks are active as long as temperatures are above freezing. Also, these nasty guys are not killed by freezing temps. Be aware all year long. Head over to projectlyme.org for prevention tips. Keep taking those walks/hikes. Enjoy nature. 

Stay tuned for more information about Lyme Disease and a project that myself, Nicki, and Carrie are working on to promote Lyme Disease Awareness.

Want to share your Lyme Disease journey. Please send your story to hey@theonyxfeather.com to be included in the #ticksaredicks blog series.