No More CRAP.......please

Women go through some crazy shit sometimes. It's during these times we become stronger. But. We also feel the weakest. Head to read the new blog series Spirited Sister at

Oh crap!

Life sure has handed me a pile of crap at times and I bet you can totally relate. This blog series Spirited Sister is all about getting down and dirty with just how ugly life can get and how you can come out smelling like a rose or patchouli (my preferred smell good).

Honestly though, I know I'm not the only one out there in the universe who has been or is stuck holding a pile crap and then looking at it like it's gonna tell us how to NOT be holding this pile of crap.

Girlfriend, let me just say this, NOBODY and I mean nobody wants to be in this place.....the crap holding place, EVER.

So. Why. Did I find myself over and over again at this same place with my hand full. You're agreeing with me, RIGHT? Because you've found yourself here more times than you want to confess to.

That's okay no need to confess babes, it's and unspoken understanding with most women. Hell, most days I believed it was a rite to passage into womanhood. Things just kept piling up. And. I'm not talking about the laundry although it sure was in the midst of the daily struggles.

The crap I'm talking about....well at least my list.... is, you finally get ahead and then: the car breaks down, the washer breaks, the baby needs new shoes, the baby gets sick, you get sick, you need new shoes, it's the holidays, prices go up on EVERYTHING, and the list goes on and on.

Then there's the relationship things like: abandonment, partner not working, partner leaves, lies, death, and the list goes on.

Then there's some trauma things like: abuse (verbal, physical, sexual), death, abandonment, and the list goes on.

These three categories will be the topics of the Spirited Sisters Blog Series. You will hear my stories and you will hear from other amazing women who have fought the same or similar battles that you and I have or are fighting.

You will find that you are not alone. You are not broken. You can lift yourself up and out of this pile of crappity crap and move forward with grace and determination to achieve all that you wish to achieve.

I'm not a licensed counselor. But. I have lived and learned a lot in my life. I feel that our experiences...the good and the bad....can truly be what another is needing to hear.

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Thanks Babes,  xoxo