Feather and Angels.

First let me start off with IT'S WINTER. It's colder than a polar bears arse after sitting on ice. Did I mention it's cold?

Feathers messages sent from Angels, read more at www.theonyxfeather.com

My point is it's cold and I haven't seen a bird other than those crazy Canadian Geese flying around....when. I found two black feathers lying next to my car door when I left work yesterday. Then. It getting more interesting. I find this green feather while I was walking my four legged furry friend.

Obviously, I picked them up......NEVER do I ignore the messages my Angels leave for me. Brought them home and sat down to find what messages I was given.

Black feathers are message telling me I'm being protected, most likely by negative energy. The black feathers are also telling me that I'm undergoing an increased in wisdom or a spiritual growth.

Okay......I get you Angel. Thanks!

Now the green feather signifies abundance and money, a fertile opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love.

I like the sound of that Angel friend.

After processing this information my Angel(s) sent me I realized why I was being sent these messages.

First, I'm making a huge shift in my business resulting in preparing for a big fat inventory purge....meaning flash sales are on their way, SOON!

Second, this shift I'm talking about is pretty darn cool, exciting and darn right scary....but sooooooo exciting. I'm excited. and. You'll be excited.

Some peeps will think I'm nuts and skirting too close to the edge (hince my Angels letting me know they got my back and are protecting me against negative energies). But. When something feels this good and leaves me feeling all the feels and pretty darn calm.....I know it's gonna be the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

I haven't got all of the details ironed out but I'm working hard here behind the scenes to get it all in place. Meanwhile, watch for the FLASH SALES about to pop up.