Marie Kondo Has Taken Over

Okay. Not literally. I’m still the top dog and decision maker here in my studio.

But, seriously. She makes me want to organized IT ALL.

Once I got one glimpse of her clearing out and organizing I knew exactly where I was taking my booty to start clearing out some stuff.

Cleaning Marie Kondo Style at

What a F’ing mess I have here. I can’t find things without hauling sooooo many things out of the closet. The sometimes I still can’t find it.

Besides the having way too much sh*t I also have pivoted with my designs.

You see. This year. 2019. I decided to be more my brand with my biz. All my designs. And I mean all. So this means clearing some inventory that is beautiful and meaningful but not on point with my brands mission.

What exactly does that mean. Well, first this gal is turning on my learning mode (once again) and designing my own brand related charm/pendant/sliders….heck I may even whip up a ring (when I get a little nervy and well intoxicated) then I’m going to cast my design and let the good times roll. Sounds like fun right?

But I need space and a clean slate for this new adventure and designs. So, I’m flash selling several designs then retiring them forever. I’m purging old displays that are not on point with my brand. Then I’m celebrating BIG with my launch in Spring-ish 2019.

Are you with me so far.

Marie Kondo lite a fire under my rear and I got super serious about “tidying up”. A truck load of Thanks to Marie for getting me moving on this and sparking my fire to go forward with my dream of having my own branded charms/pendants/sliders.

You never know who you’ll influence or who will influence you. Just be ready with some packing boxes if it’s Marie Kondo.


Be ready to shop the FLASH SALES over on The Onyx Feather FB page. See ya there.