Mom's Are Bad Ass

Photo courtesy of Merrissa Palmer

Photo courtesy of Merrissa Palmer

Being a Mom to someone is pretty darn special in fact the most satisfying accomplishment that we experience. I know when I'm with my daughter @emyleesays and see the wonderful women that she has become I'm in awe. First, how in the heck did I do this? Being a young Mom and then a single Mom when she was just 4 years old and not having an idea how to guide this little girl through life scared the shit out of me. There's no manual.....unless you're old like me and was given the Dr. Spock's Book Baby and Childcare Book as a manual (WTF), read maybe the first couple of chapters and said nope not how I'm doing this. So I winged it. I made choices that I felt comfortable with and raised her to be a strong independent female.

Of course, I didn't do this alone. She had a huge number of amazing women in her life as well. Those women - Nanas/Grandmas, Aunts, Step Mom, and Friends all were a huge part of my daughters life and she received something special from each and every one of them. THANK YOU!!

So TODAY for the next 24 hours I celebrate YOU. All of the women who have or are stepping in and being a role model for that little or big person. Because YOU exist in their life they are being loved and inspired to be something pretty darn special.

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