First a huge a** thanks to all of you who came to my very first Virtual Trunk Show the other night.

To say it went off without a hitch would be an understatement and a big fat lie.😂😂

But....overall it went well if you don't count the fact that for more that have of the show nobody could see the items I was posting, Ya know the ones where the ordering takes place.😳

Luckily I was LIVE showing each piece but still "how the heck do I order" right?

Then there was the little issue of me not seeing any comments. Whaaaat the heck. I was feeling some kind feels😔, thinking man nobody is asking questions, nobody even wants to answer the question I asked about where they're from......I knew I had people watching because that was one thing I could see. But I kept going anyways (secretly knowing my mom, aunt and BFF would buy something).

Soooo, as I was wrapping up I got a phone call from my aunt. Mystery solved (kinda).....she every so sweetly said, " um, sweetie nobody can see your post", then I got a text stating "people are commenting"......whaaaat!!!!

I was horrified but kept my cool I think I only cussed once or twice.....maybe more who knows, who cares.

I honestly had no idea what to do at this time. So I thanked everyone for spending their time with me for the last hour and then so politely asked if they could hang on a little bit more. You guys are AWESOME, let me just say that. Most stayed on and we worked through some of the issues, thanks so much for helping me out.

I reposted everything after the second posting, because unanimously I was told that was the last post they saw. I asked if they would like the post if they saw it coming thru so would know it was working or not.

The likes started coming in....🥳🥳 But I was still struggling with figuring out where were the da** 49 of them.

Finally, after another glass of wine and total support from everybody who stayed on I found them.🍷

Things I learned:

  • My customers are the greatest humans ever....and very patient.

  • Things can still work out even when it turns into a sh*t show.

  • I now have a better understanding on how to do these virtual trunk least I hope I do.

  • Even through the chaos I enjoyed doing this show and will definitely be doing more.


  • Shop in your yoga pants, PJ pants, or no pants….I don’t care

  • Drink endless amounts of wine (because you don’t have drive anywhere after)

  • Eat your dinner while you shop

  • Secretly shop while at work or while hubs is chatting about sports or something…

  • Don’t have to leave the house

  • Don’t have to fight the crowds

  • FREE ticket to the show

  • Easy pay

  • Free shipping

  • Get first access to one of a kind pieces


  • There may be glitches

  • Host may not know what the HELL she’s doing

  • Not a “perfect” time for you….luck’s on your side though you can go into the event page later and view all the jewelry, you just risk your favorite piece being already snatched up

  • Not being fast enough to claim your fav piece of jewelry (especially if only one of a kind or limited inventory)

I believe the Pros out weigh the Cons, don’t you?

Sign up to be a Virtual Trunk Show VIP (VTSP) and get perks like:

  • Invites to VTS exclusively for VIPs

  • Entered into a drawing at any of the VTS’s

  • First dibs at new collections/designs

  • …and many more fabulously special treats.

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