Repurposed Leather Bands

Give me something old…..

…and I’ll figure out a way to make it new again.

I’ve been known to walk aisle after aisle at the flea market looking for something that needs a new life. I’ve also been known to have piles of junk just waiting for me to figure it out.

Either way at some point something magical happens.

Back in the day I used to own a house cleaning business. During this time I witnessed so much waste of space and waste of things being thrown out (that were perfectly okay). For instance, and I’m not even kidding, a customer was getting new carpet and literally nothing was wrong with the carpet they had. In fact, they were getting the same exact carpet installed.


I asked, “hey, what are you doing with the old carpet?” They said throwing it out. I asked, ”can I have it”? Sure they said, but you need to pick it up by tomorrow.

So I scurried around and found someone with a truck and some muscles to pick it up for me. Because I had the perfect place in mind.

I had a customer who really needed new carpet and couldn’t afford it and boy were they about to be surprised. I rolled in with enough carpet to replace every room. Long story short, they were flabbergasted.

Basically it’s true, another woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.