Mantra vs Affirmation

You guys are absolutely the best!

Why, you might be asking yourself?

First, you are the best because you are a woman with fight in your soul and are relentless in proving someone wrong when they say, “you can’t do that or you don’t have what it takes…….”.

But here’s the deal. I think you are also the best when it comes to being so very kind and not calling me out when I screwed up.

It’s true. I screwed up.

For the life on me I can’t figure out how this even happened. But, it did.

Mantras 101

This thing I screwed up on was stating I was sending you Monthly Mantras when I was dealing out affirmations not mantras each and every month for the last three months.

It may seem somewhat minor and I shouldn’t really worry about it. But it’s a big deal that took me three months to see the mistake I had made. Seriously a total brain fart moment. But I wanted to make it right and not mislead you when you have been receiving affirmations all along not mantras.

Secretly, I wish one of you would have legit called me out on it, so I could have come to this realization sooner. But, I figured it out after signing up for a FMTV Meditation Summit and I was like OH MY GGGGG’s the mantras I’ve been sending out are affirmations. Doh!

I realized I had to own up to my mistake and come clean with you guys.

Starting now, you will not be receiving any more mantras from me. Instead you will be getting affirmations each month (like I have been sending wink. wink).

Let me clear up the difference between a mantra and an affirmation.

Mantras are powerful sounds and tones you listen to when meditating to help change your vibrations and quiet your mind.

Here are a couple of my favorites Hand Pan and Hang Drum

Affirmations are words you repeat that affirms something, for example, I am lovable and deserve to be loved or I am sometimes wrong and that’s okay.


From this day forward for those of you who signed up for Monthly Mantras you will be now be receiving Monthly Affirmations. If you haven’t sign up yet fill out the form below to begin receiving your Monthly Affirmation.

xoxo T

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